Company History

Hiteks is a healthcare informatics company founded in 2011 with a unique mission, to provide real-time solutions at the point of care to solve real-life problems for the healthcare delivery system. To achieve this goal, Hiteks is built to combine leading edge technology with extensive clinical and healthcare administrative experience. Its founding partners have had experience in developing and managing state of the art healthcare enterprise software, administering large healthcare systems and in providing sophisticated analytic components.
These complementary skills and viewpoints have enabled the Hiteks team to address the most important problems that healthcare systems deal with today. These are low physician and patient satisfaction, inaccurate, inefficient revenue cycle management, and delayed quality improvement and reporting. The solution that Hiteks offers is point of care intervention in real-time in the electronic health record. A sophisticated, proprietary software engine utilizing natural language processing technology drives this intervention.

Gerry Petratos, MD, MS CEO

A longtime visionary in promoting the use of natural language processing in the healthcare field, Dr. Petratos has introduced NLP to the field of clinical investigative trials, to identifying patient profiles for personalized medicine protocols and now to enhancing the speed and quality of data entry into the EHR. Director, Analytics at Roche and Genentech NIH-trained Medical Informaticist M.D. from Howard University M.S. in Medical Informatics from Utah B.S. in Biology from Cornell.

Peris Brodsky, MS CTO

Peris was born to develop state of the art enterprise health system software programs. Combining a big picture comprehension with a fierce attention to detail, he understands the zero tolerance requirements for medical technology. Designed and developed entire blood donor collection system Mentored engineers on the use of a model driven development approach M.S. in Medical Informatics from Northwestern B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics from Iowa State.

Martin Coyne, MD, MS CMO

A long experience as a clinical gastroenterologist combined with many years as CEO of large medical groups gave Dr. Coyne the perspective that the physician in real-time at the point of care is central to the multi-trillion dollar healthcare industry. It is this perspective that has informed the development of the Hiteks product portfolio. Experienced Medical Group Administrator (100+ physicians, $100+ million budget) Extensive Clinical Research Experience Published more than 40 Scientific Articles M.D., Boston University M.S. in Medical Informatics from Northwestern B.A. in History from Brandeis


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