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Pharmaceutical and Investigator Initiated Clinical Trial service integrated into the EHR that can scale nationally for maximum feasibility and patient access.  The service involves Electronic Feasibility, Site Selection and Screening for Clinical Trials and for the first time ever, allows more efficient physician-validated interest from patients for trials from Pharmaceutical and Device Manufacturers.  Access to and availability of potentially eligible patients for approved trials bypasses the need for traditional inefficient approaches for these processes.  The time to select sites and conduct trials is reduced by 80% and patients who are not necessarily part of a large academic health system can become eligible as long as they meet the requirements of the protocol.  Eligibility alerts are sent to the physician caring for the patient, and research coordinator who is in charge of recruitment for the study.  Interested hospitals using the Epic EHR can easily turn on this service within Epic2015 and later versions, and the software usage is subsidized by Hiteks through an agreement with participating Pharmaceutical partners.

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