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VigilantQA  –  A Decision Support, Surveillance and Management Tool integrated with EHR workflow.

Solution:  VigilantQA – Heart Failure

VigilantQA – Heart Failure is a comprehensive management tool for inpatient, ambulatory and ED workflows related to patients who have Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction (Systolic Heart Failure).  The tool identifies clinical practice and knowledge gaps, provides treatment advice, and educates clinicians to properly manage cardiovascular patients per peer-reviewed guidelines, as, for example, AHA/ACC/HFSA guidelines related to the management of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) patients and AHA/ACC/HFSA and Heart Rhythm Society guidelines related to the reduction of sudden cardiac death and all-cause mortality in HFrEF patients.

Hiteks supports configuration of the algorithms included so that they are client-specific, although the solution comes with a preset library of guidelines including those for Prevention & Screening, Monitoring, Evaluation, Treatment and Dose Titration.  Outcomes are measured so that the system can identify improvement and reduction of variation of care to improve the clinical and financial Key Performance Indicators.

Clinical Environment

Inpatient, ED and Ambulatory settings

Solution: VigilantQA – Sepsis Surveillance

VigilantQA – Sepsis Surveillance is an accurate and fast real-time surveillance monitor within the EHR to reduce false positive alerts and automate the monitoring, intervention, abstraction and reporting of all cases of early sepsis, sepsis, severe sepsis and septic shock.  When integrated within the EHR, VigilantQA improves the Positive Predictive Value of alerts from 10% to 90%, greatly reducing alert fatigue and increasing the timely identification of Sepsis and infection sources within the 3-hour window.  Hiteks’ solution includes the ability for clients to adjust the thresholds of the sepsis algorithm so that it fits within each hospitals’ unique patient mix, including Pediatrics thresholds based on age ranges, and different settings such as Emergency, Floors and ICU.

VigilantQA – Sepsis Surveillance reduces the false positive alerts within the EHR.  EHR alerting can be fully automated and accepted by the clinicians to accurately reflect Early Sepsis, Sepsis, Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock conditions according to the latest CMS, MEWS and Surviving Sepsis Campaign criteria.  Hiteks helps improve the positive predictive value of alerts by reducing false positives through identification of comorbidity, infection source and organ system dysfunction confounders which are known to cause alert fatigue.   Confounding factors are presented to the clinician so that the system can accurately update the Time Zero or suppresses the alert due to the new information.  As a result, higher usability and confidence in the alerts also increases the timely identification of sepsis and infection sources within the 3 and 6-hour windows.   Included is a real-time abstraction for reporting module to reduce the time and resources required in the CMS reporting processes.

Besides pop-up alerts, Hiteks integrates into other key workflow views of the EHR such as the Patient List Screen through a separate column, and management steps including the “Evidence” and “Next Steps in Management”.  The Sepsis algorithm can be configured differently based on adult and pediatric patient type and hospital setting such as ICU, NICU, PICU, Emergency Department, Post-Op, or the floor.

Clinical Environment

Inpatient Facilities Only: Academic, Community-Based, Children’s Hospitals, Critical Access Hospitals


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