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ConcurDI is a real-time CDI solution which provides immediate feedback to the physician based on tested algorithms with high positive predictive value (i.e. we don’t annoy physicians with many false positive queries). ConcurDI also includes a Diagnosis Monitor which allows CDI Specialists and HIM to prioritize charts across an enterprise requiring physician feedback.

The impact of ConcurDI is higher compliance for physician response with better documentation for the health system through more timely and accurate queries to the physicians. Higher query throughput and more targeted, appropriate evidence in the query results in less time wasted by physicians to answer manual CDI queries after their patient has left the ambulatory or inpatient encounter.

ConcurDI in Epic 2017 powers NoteReader CDI to automate real-time review of clinical documentation and structured data (labs, meds, vitals) for documentation deficiencies. Hiteks’ powers these clinical and administrative workflows with our Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and Sub-Second NLP Technology to improve the efficiency of the health care enterprise revenue cycle:

  • Improving accuracy of clinical complexity diagnoses in clinical documentation is 90% of improving RCM performance.
  • Better communication through instantaneous and accurate data (Fewer False Positives & Negatives), and fewer queries.
  • Streamlines ICD-10 coding for accurate CMI and HCC diagnosis capture and reporting.
  • Enhanced CDI integrity for increased Case Mix Index (Inpatient) and Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) Scores (Ambulatory).
  • Utilizes state of the art NLP featuring sub-second processing of free text delivered as a hosted service.

ConcurDI has the following advantages differentiating it from back-end CDI Workflow tools:

1. Comprehensive Coding Rules

Instead of having to rely on untimely and incomplete knowledge from back-office staff who perform manual reviews, physicians now have all reimbursement information at their fingertips as soon as they complete their notes. This includes the following up-to-date insurance-specific information, which is based on Hiteks’ experience and proprietary reference knowledge of millions of rules:

  • NCCI Edits
  • ICD Rules
  • PQRS Rules
  • MIPS Rules
  • Specialty Bundling
  • A.I. Insight RecognitionTM

2. Fastest and fully integrated EHR solution

10x faster than any other NLP services currently on the market, Hiteks’ ConcurDI has a 2-second average response time (1 second Hiteks response + 1 second added for network latency). Competitors’ system response times are typically over 10 seconds and support only “silent mode” because they are not accurate enough for real-time, often causing providers to move onto their next patient without responding to the CDI clarification. With our CDI solution, providers will never have that problem.

3. Requires no manual HIM review

Providers can simply click and the documentation process will be complete. We along with our customers have tested and continuously improved the knowledge base associated with the algorithms that are finding the evidence in support of a CDI query.

 4. Over 90% specific and sensitive, which is more than competitor solutions

Hiteks’ ConcurDI utilizes Coding Rule Specificity and has built in medical necessity knowledge, which identifies incomplete clinical terms and suggests possible specificity modifiers during documentation. It also identifies areas that lack appropriate justification for a reimbursable diagnosis or procedure. This leads to fewer false positives and false negatives, as well as less alert fatigue and 50% fewer pending queries to answer.

5. Employs multiple processing formats

Hiteks is the only vendor to offer a CDI solution with execution in Synchronous and Asynchronous modes.

  • Synchronous: Provides immediate (<2 seconds) response time to physicians who are in the process of completing a note. This enhances claims coding capacity and compliance while reducing time spent on revenue cycle. Synchronous in the EHR allows providers to significantly reduce the amount of time spent on returning to their patient’s chart to manually review CDI Queries.
  • Asynchronous: Provides validation of queries for CDI/HIM/Quality in “Silent Mode” which is especially useful for testing and refining real-time Synchronous logic.

6. Encryption and storage of all data exchange

This ensures the protection of all patient health information (PHI). Unlike legacy vendors who use Microsoft platforms, Hiteks leverages more secure Linux systems.

7. Intuitive configuration customization without the need for software code adjustment

Hiteks’ User Customization Menu allows Hiteks users to add their own local terms or abbreviations for their clinical specialization by searching through SNOMED terminology in the Terms section. ConcurDI is deployed as a service API for CDI Designer, which allows client personalization through custom GUI configuration without having to use “Silent Mode”. Hiteks also has a default configuration that can be used out-of-the-box.

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