Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Our Provider apps are on Epic’s App Orchard, with more coming soon

For Providers

Say goodbye to false positive and annoying workflow-intruding alerts! HITEKS supports alerting on only the most valuable cases clinically for decision-making including those with revenue cycle and quality implications. We help improve clinician satisfaction with their EHR system through advice provided within workflows, which results in more efficient actions including fewer clicks, less typing and patient-specific advice from summarized evidence.
Higher usability means happier physicians, physician assistants, medical assistants, scribes and nurses, providing more time for patient care with fewer frustrations. HITEKS also creates a safer healthcare environment for patients, providing timely and accurate notifications to clinicians for acute and chronic conditions like Sepsis and Heart Failure, among others.

We are witnessing a transition in the healthcare industry. As the medical community continues to release new research and innovative technology, the standard for quality care grows at an exponential rate. What is possible today was but a distant objective ten years ago, especially in information technology’s ability to support complex clinical workflows. The expectations we have for physicians is efficient and high quality care. Only advanced EHR systems with the support of HITEKS can achieve these levels of efficiency and quality.

The demand for high quality care at an affordable rate continues to grow. The firststep is to develop a more efficient physician documentation system so that physicians and hospital systems can maintain and grow their revenues to continue to provide care. Documentation improvement that is not limited to voice recognition tools, rather built into the DNA of the EHR system is the key. The EHR systems now allow for more effective and thorough documentation improvement workflows, separate from the way the 360-coding vendors tie their CDI and Coding services to their transcription services and voice recognition. Providers and CDI Specialists working with HITEKS can now stay in the EHR using a best-of-breed, integrated solution instead of using other platforms which attempt to unsuccessfully couple their CDI and CAC.

HITEKS provides true Computer Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD), allowing clinicians to place more attention on their patients and less on administration. For example, CAPD360 Insight For NoteReader CDI automatically sifts through the bulk of physician narratives about patients and locate ICD-10, procedure, medication justification and other opportunities using logic for inpatient, ED and Ambulatory settings.

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(for Physicians and CDI/HIM Specialists)

Cutting Sepsis detection and diagnosis from hours to minutes is no easy feat. Advising on management steps for antibiotic selection and dose titration is ripe with challenges of appropriately interpreting guidelines for individual patients. Quality improvement at the point of care requires speed, accuracy and client configurability. Sepsis has a rapid onset that worsens dramatically within minutes that physicians do not treat it. But since symptoms resemble those of a number of other acute illnesses (known as confounders), diagnosing sepsis can take hours or days. There are many distractions including constantly updated data points for vital signs, labs,medications, organ system dysfunction from other acute or chronic conditions and infection sources that physicians must explore before arriving at the conclusion that the patient is in fact suffering from Sepsis. Consequently, many Sepsis diagnoses are under-managed and result in significant morbidity and mortality. Sepsis claims the lives of over 750,000 patients in America per year. And that’s just accounting for those who are in hospitals. Meanwhile, the cost of treatment, due in part to the incongruity between diagnosis and treatment, is among the most expensive of any condition. One publication estimated a yearly cost of up to $20 billion. But we are in the midst of an information technology revolution. With the resources we now have available to us, there is no reason why this crisis should persist in American hospitals. The time has come to make a change. Healthcare providers not only have the capacity, but the duty to protect those patients who are at risk of losing their lives to sepsis. If the greatest challenge a physician faces regarding sepsis treatment is time, then time is what they shall have. Introducing CarePaths, Hiteks’ real-time quality improvement solution reduces false positives from existing alerting systems and enhances high-risk management according to established or local variations of guidelines for quality conditions like Sepsis and Heart Failure. By incorporating CarePaths into hospital, ED and ambulatory areas, health care systems have the capacity to eliminate an age-old problem and save countless lives across the nation. CarePaths transforms the process of detecting, diagnosing and treating Sepsis, Heart Failure and other important quality conditions.

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This groundbreaking medical software reads all the EHR documentation and discrete data and applies algorithms that allow for automated, real-time surveillance of patients. CarePaths then provides advice delivered into the EHR workflows on treatment interventions for antibiotic selection, follow-up labs and fluids. It also helps the EHR system deliver alerts to the appropriate staff. HITEKS software also accommodates predictive learning and site-specific algorithms which may be desired based on the experience of the customer.
The mortality rate for some of the most efficient killers that American health care has seen in years will soon drop significantly. Physicians now have the ability to monitor their patients in real-time for quality conditions with patient-specific advice tied to guidelines, allowing them to focus their efforts on responding in time to produce promising results. Patient safety and satisfaction will increase, more people will go home happier and healthier, and hospital systems will have substantially weakened problems that annually cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals.

For Life Sciences

At HITEKS our goal is to make a contribution to people like you who have a passion for advancing the workflows of Life Sciences companies who are making a huge difference in innovating with new diagnostic and therapeutic products. While our point-of-care models can be tailored to your request in order to meet any special requirements for your products, we do have experience with what will be the most compliant and responsible methods of decision support.

Most importantly, our systems meet the needs of practicing clinicians and complex health care systems like academic and community medical centers and their member hospitals and physician medical practices. HITEKS’ decision support always integrates with an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system workflow and always is authorized by the participating provider groups.

HITEKS has developed clinical applications at the point of care which are relevant not only to the physicians who use them, but also to Life Sciences organizations who develop and commercialize products to help patients.

Life Sciences empower physicians with the right tools to study illness and fill-in the treatment and information gaps which currently exist in the commercialization of new therapeutics.

The need for Life Sciences to integrate with digital clinical workflows has come, here are the reasons:

Physician Education

Responsibly communicate new product updates to physicians

Commercial Marketing

Through responsible reminders of peer-reviewed, published guidelines, branded products can gain a position within the EHR workflows

Clinical Trials and Observational Studies

Design new trials and gather data faster

Key Performance Indicators for Life Sciences can be achieved through HITEKS’ EHR-integrated service, including the following metrics:

  1.  Higher views by physicians of its FDA and other Regulatory Authority marketing approvals
  2.  Higher enrollment of patients for clinical trial screening
  3.  Filling in the gaps for Observational Studies by soliciting feedback from clinicians at the point of care
  4.  Higher compliance and adherence to therapeutics so that they are prescribed as indicated
  5.  Faster and more complete access to safety data
medical documentation software, clinical documentation improvement, cdi clinical documentation improvement, cdi program

HITEKS provides guidance to practicing clinicians using the latest machinery of the Electronic Health Record along with cloud-based analytics technology, as shown in this overview of digital health areas

Getting the attention of physicians is harder now due to the distraction and complexity of the digital Electronic Health Record, with most of physician time being spent in these systems.

Whenever a Life Sciences company wants to ensure higher adherence to clinically accepted guidelines, HITEKS is the answer:
Check out this example with heart failure

Integrating long-sought out methods of bringing point of care data and workflow opportunities to Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device companies so that they can bring real-world data to health authorities like the CDC and the FDA in the US market, and the other regulatory bodies across the world in the EU, Australia, UK, Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Asia and others, has been a long-term goal of HITEKS.

Due to HITEKS’ position working with Providers, the FDA and Pharma since 2011 on clinical applications to gather and analyze vast amounts of health data to decision-making, its tools are now available for Life Sciences to leverage such real-world data (RWD) to improve regulatory decisions and ensure consistent use of their products. Recently the FDA announced a new 2019 strategic Framework to advance these opportunities.

Innovations in clinical natural language processing (cNLP) are mentioned by the FDA and others as being transformative to the business of developing and commercializing new medicines and medical devices. Specifically, HITEKS uses cNLP and RWD in point-of-care applications relevant to Life Sciences in the following 5 areas:

medical documentation software, clinical documentation improvement, cdi clinical documentation improvement, cdi program
  1. Identifying existing practices for disease and diagnosis management at the individual health system level and aggregated across geographies, including inpatient, emergency and ambulatory care
  2. Using available retrospective and prospectively obtained RWD to identify encounters with appropriate combinations of documentation-based mentions of diagnoses and signs/symptoms, with Labs, Medications and Vital Signs
  3. Identifying the key areas of guidelines which are important for the management and therapy for patients and organize the criteria into computer-executable logic for implementation in a point-of-care workflow solution
  4. Configuring the HITEKS tools to incorporate logic for point-of-care suggestions from the guidelines
  5. Identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPI): outcomes important to tracking physician behavior, gaps in care, compliance with guidelines, financial metrics and patient outcomes.

At HITEKS, we provide the most efficient mechanism to deliver Key Opinion Leader and guidelines guidance to clinical stakeholders at the point of care.  Although we specialize on delivery and App Orchard product creation through the Epic EHR, we also have collaborations to access other EHR environments.

medical documentation software, clinical documentation improvement, cdi clinical documentation improvement, cdi program