Hiteks & Balzano

in colaboration with

announces a new Machine Learning environment for Medical Imaging + Clinical NLP:


The AssistedAI Workbench has the following features:

■ Academic Medical Centers and other health systems: you can build your own A.I. with your own Data

■ Collaboration across organizations, including data sharing and FDA Submissions for Medical Device approval applications becomes possible due to the containerized environments

■ Ready-to-use, integrated and managed platform that runs on Azure or in your own data center, and compatible with EHR systems like Epic

■ Clinical Expressions and Term extraction from documentation (radiology reports, encounter Notes, etc.) to link outcomes back to point-of-care and create real-time applications to test the A.I. (https://hiteks.com/medex/)

Included Services:

■ Deployment and Maintenance of the full Deep Learning environment (tuning, backup, monitoring, customization for storage, compute/GPU and tooling)

■ Coaching on Demand (ad hoc one-to-one calls with domain-specialized data scientists)

■ Training on Demand (entry-level, intermediate and deep dive live, customized training)

■ Image Interpretation with the following Features, Workflows and Tools:



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