Hiteks is the only real-time risk adjustment solution on the market proven to improve revenues and quality documentation.


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Hiteks is the only company with a money back guarantee to improve revenue, quality outcomes, physician satisfaction and usability. Our solutions are the perfect front-end physician-facing complement to automated back-end solutions like CAC and HIM Query tools.
check Real-Time Medical Scribe Software
check Real-Time Coding for Clinical Documentation Improvement
check Real-Time Quality Improvement Software for Healthcare
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Hiteks Delivers Real-Time Quality With Its Professional Package
Healthcare billing in the United States involves a rigorously complex chain of events. It requires cooperation between a range of individuals and departments.
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Inside The Hiteks Real-Time CDI
Hundreds of hospitals all across the nation are signing up to bring Hiteks to their facilities. Why? Because healthcare is one industry that deserves a clear and easy-to-use workflow system. In no other profession is sound communication more important.
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