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"HITEKS has been more than just an efficiency solution for our CDI Specialists and physicians. Their ability to customize queries and provide them inside Epic at the point of care while physicians are still writing their notes is a true asset to Rush. In addition, HITEKS fills the gaps provided by other CDI tools, which help us with prioritization and query writing, by serving to capture the physicians' attention to their individual notes before they save/sign, as well as distribution of automated queries to the entire care team, allowing medical residents, hospitalists and specialists to respond according to their patient-specific knowledge and availability. The ROI for HITEKS is justified by the timely DRG shifts, where physicians respond immediately to queries, or satisfy queries in subsequent documentation within a few minutes."

-Rush University Medical Center Physician

"With a physician-centric approach to improving documentation, HITEKS gave us the ability to empower our physicians with timely and accurate information to improve diagnosis specificity and validity. With training on how to best respond within their EHR workflow, physicians engaged heavily with the system's automated queries so that we could cover the entire chart and fill in our 40% gap in reviewing patient charts manually."

-Vidant Health CDI Manager

"Before HITEKS…it was like pulling teeth to get the residents to complete the documentation to satisfy the CDI queries. Ultimately, after 3 steps of escalation, I as the attending would need to go into the documentation and take the extensive time required to complete them myself or to hound down the residents to complete them. However, after HITEKS I’m finding it so easy to complete the CAPD queries myself as part of my progress note, even though we still want to have the residents complete them. As new residents come on board, we are showing them why it’s important to address the queries in a timely manner and with HITEKS how easy it is to complete them."

-Tufts Medicine Attending Physician

"When our quality rankings in US News & World Report needed strengthening, we looked for a solution that would help us address the specific chronic diagnoses that impacted the outcomes. HITEKS had experience in capturing these diagnoses in real-time through Epic. Adding HITEKS on top of our other CDI solutions allowed us to not lose our focus in CDI through manual approaches, and allowed us to meet the important needs of identifying the quality diagnoses to boost our rankings."

-Midwest Hospital System Director of Neurology