Company Overview

Our Company

Serving clinicians and researchers since 2011 with useful and timely patient insights at the point-of-care.

Our Mission

To support real-time workflow intelligence aligned with guidelines-driven, evidence-based medicine.

Our Software Insight

Cutting-edge technology platform with multiple products based on a powerful engine with configurable algorithms to improve revenue and make clinicians’ lives easier with actionable advice.

What’s Inside Insight Real-time Intelligence:

Front-end, point-of-care, EHR-integrated clinician suggestions based on evidence.
Insight Technology is based on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.


Our solutions are created to facilitate medical staff workflow and decision-making in health care companies.


Workflow Integration

Working with Epic, MEDITECH and other EHR clients to enhance workflow and analytics for better patient care, revenue cycle and clinician satisfaction since 2011.

AdvocateMD Powering NoteReader  Improvement of “Front-End”, at the Point of Care (POC), clinically aligned revenue cycle by extracting and optimizing the ICD-10 diagnoses within the physician workflow.

ConcurDI For NoteReader CDI Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) for physicians to improve documentation integrity at the point of care using proprietary and health-system-defined CDI and reimbursement rules with real-time queries to physicians.

VigilantQA Sepsis Surveillance – For early Sepsis Detection, Monitoring and Abstraction.


Cloud-based, compatible with electronic health record
(EHR Integrated)

Best usability with fastest processing time
in industry

Great record of Implementations per year

7-days a week, 365 days per year

Per physician user or per bed
per month

Revenue Cycle

Solving the $150
Billion Shortfall

Revenues and ROI Faster and more accurate capturing of diagnoses

Accurate HCC and RAF Scores Key for Ambulatory Practice

17% – 24% increase in RAF scores $2.8 - $6.6M
Increased revenue

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Live the Insight experience and discover the
$ 150 billion shortfall solution:

Physician compliance in documentation is key in appropriate
capture of HCC and Risk Adjustment Scoring

Real-Time computerized technologies are available to increase physician compliance
with suggestions and CDI queries

Physicians now have the tools integrated into the EHR to play a key role in improving both ambulatory and inpatient

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Contact us for information on our products and services. 

For those who schedule a demo, we offer a complementary yoga mat to promote good health and wellness.

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Contact us for information on our products and services.
For those who schedule a demo, we offer a complementary yoga mat to promote good health and wellness.