Blazing Fast

& Reliable

The only immediate (real-time)

compliance tool for physicians

with CDI & Quality clarifications

Powering the most hospitals

with advanced sepsis detection,

intervention and reporting

Contract negotiation between

physicians and their parent health

systems requires good clinical data

Do not trust Speech Engine & Transcription Vendor legacy NLP technology for front-end EHR tools

Ask us about our new Streamlined Product Access and Pricing Program with Epic and other leading Health IT vendors

Hiteks has Unique and Proprietary Knowledge Bases that differentiate us from other NLP/AI/Decision Support services

The Leader in Big Data Analytics Powering Intelligent Clinical Workflows

Insight: Real-Time Revenue Rescue

Supporting Physician and Nurse Workflow for Enhanced Quality Care.

Hiteks provides EHR clients and approved third parties with the fastest and most accurate mechanism to analyze clinical data in the EHR and return back meaningful suggestions to practicing clinicians in their workflow.

Hiteks’ Insight: Real-Time Revenue Rescue solutions lead the nation in usability, EHR integration and clinically aligned revenue cycle.

Hiteks has a proven ROI measured by our clients in the areas of improved revenues from higher ambulatory RAF scores, higher inpatient Case Mix, significantly fewer physician queries, more accurate and targeted CDI queries, and greater compliance with Quality Measures reporting, and fewer claims denials. Hiteks’ Real-Time Revenue Rescue Insight solutions are the perfect front-end, real-time, point-of-care complement to back-end solutions like CAC, CDI and HIM Query tools.  We are synergistic with 3rd party knowledge bases and can help get 3rd party knowledge into the EHR through the fastest and most accurate engine in the industry.
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Our software solutions and resources can help you improve workflow, revenues and quality care

Hiteks has over 100 years of combined experience in clinical practice management and medical informatics from nationally renowned programs. Our staff provide expertise in the real-time ability to extract and analyze clinical data to improve revenues, documentation and quality care. Founded in 2011 with the unique mission of providing point-of-care solutions to solve real-life problems in healthcare delivery, Hiteks’ founding partners decided to work collaboratively with EHR and other vendors to optimize the user experience for physicians and nurses, the key clinicians in healthcare delivery.

Hiteks is proud to have hundreds of hospitals and clinics, and thousands of clinical users as clients in over 15 States. Here are some of our users:

  • ConcurDI Program
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement Software
  • Medical Solutions
  • Medical Diagnosis Calculator
  • Hiteks’ Software Is Medical Documentation Made Easy
  • Case Mix Index (CMI) Optimization