How Hiteks Compares with Competition


HITEKS’ Complete CDI System Surpasses Competition:

1. Type of Queries/Advice:

Patient-Specific, Non-Generic

2. Workflow Enabled: 

Front-End, Once the Note is Finished

3. Configurable Logic: 

Validated by Nurses, Doctors & Coders

4. EHR Embedded: 

Epic App Orchard Approved & Supported


Competitive Vendor Matrix for CDI Solution Capabilities

Vendor CapabilityA.I. VendorCoding 360 Vendors

Chart Prioritization for Query Opportunities


EHR Workflow Integration for CDIS

Limited, No Infobutton

Direct-to-Physician EHR Notification to Increase Compliance

Limited, Delayed

Automated Query Library to Reduce CDIS Workload


Ambulatory CDI Query Module

Patient-Specific & Non-Generic, including Pediatrics & Gender-based CDI

CDI Feature Matrix

System FeatureOther Vendors
UsabilityLimited compliance; Slow speedHigh compliance; Fast speed
Query Creation & MaintenanceTime consuming (weeks), complicatedQuick (minutes) & Configurable
Evidence PresentationLimitedEHR & Infobutton


CDI Pre and Post HITEKS

Current State of CDIPost-HITEKS Automation
Query sent hours after admission note, progress note or discharge summaryReal-time trigger of query at point of provider documentation
Recipient = Attending onlyRecipient = All Providers on Case
Manual Query DevelopmentStandardized Query Templates by Topic
Missed opportunity for non-CDI reviewed cases (40% Gap)100% of inpatient admissions and clinic visits run through algorithms (systematic review of all documentation)
CDI team sending high rate of repeat queriesCDI team able to review higher rate of complex cases with prioritization

Pre and Post-HITEKS Case Activation


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