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CAPD360 Insight

HITEKS is a NoteReader Focused on Improving Documentation Quality, Clinical time efficiency, and Reimbursement

Epic’s Gold Standard CDI Workflow App

Epic’s ONLY Embedded Note Editor within the EHR note screen.
Complete provider documentation for quality rankings & compliant reimbursement

Epic is a registered trademark of Epic Systems Corporation.


Realize the Power of Concurrent, Proactive CDI

Embedded Editor


Care Team Mode

care team mode

Physician Workflow with CAPD360

Epic-Integrated Tools

Embedded Note Editor & Care Team Queries


Provider gets prompt in the EHR

Concurrent Documentation

(while they are documenting)


Diagnosis In the Visit note

CDI Moves unanswered CAPD360 Queries into Provider's Inbox


Provider gets inbox query

Border between Concurrent & Retrospective

Named Provider will get an inbox query


Diagnosis added to saved notes/ addendum

CDI Primary Query Development, Clinical Validation, 2nd Level Reviews


Manual Query Process

Post-hoc documentation

Query sent to Provider's Inbox


Diagnosis added to the addendum form


#1 CAPD Configuration:
Provider Adoption & Query Compliance

#2 EHR Workflow Notifications:
40-70% Concurrent Queries Satisfied before Discharge

#3 CDI Workload Impact:
25% Efficiencies

#4 Revenue & Quality Impact:
3% Revenue increase Top 50 USNWR Scores

tabla hitecks


guidelines for achieving

Compliant Query Practices* Followed by HITEKS

  1. All queries are memorialized
  2. Query titles and suggestions are not leading.
  3. Query formats follow the Guidelines.
  4. Provider queries include relevant clinical indicator(s).
  5. Undocumented diagnoses are not specifically suggested.
  6. Choices provided as part of the query reflect patient-specific conclusions.
  7. Prior information from other encounters is limited.
  8. Links are provided to access the clinical indicators.
  9. Impact on reimbursement, payment methodology, quality. metrics or severity of illness are not indicated in the query process

* Based on AHIMA/ACDIS Compliant Clinical Documentation Integrity Technology Standards, 2022

PowerBI Reporting Dashboard:
Query Summary

hiteks capture 5

PowerBI Reporting Dashboard: Response Summary

hiteks capture 2

PowerBI Reporting Dashboard:
User Responses

hiteks capture 4
hiteks capture 1 1
hiteks capture 3 1

Epic is a registered trademark of Epic Systems Corporation.

The HITEKS Difference

  1. 40-70% Proactive query Satisfaction to reduce Denials, create CDI Efficiency.
  2. Extensive, Customizable Query Library for Revenue and Quality Sensitive Diagnoses.
  3. Compliant and Scalable.
  4. Embedded in Provider Workflow in Epic.
  5. Efficient Implementation, No Additional Software or Hardware.