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Enhancing Physician Workflows: The Power of Epic EHR Integration


    In the rapidly evolving healthcare industry, the efficiency of physician workflows is paramount. The integration of innovative technologies, particularly in the Electronic Health Records (EHR), has significantly transformed hospital and medical practice management. For both good and bad.

    The EHR vendors who experiment with novel delivery techniques for evidence-based information to aid providers in decision-making and documentation will thrive.  Epic stands at the forefront of this technological revolution with its seamless integration, also known as “embedding,” of HITEKS’ unique approach to reach providers before they sign their notes.  This blog post explores the transformative impact of HITEKS technology on physician, nurse and coding workflows, highlighting its unique integration with Epic’s NoteReader as a key differentiator in enhancing healthcare productivity.

    The Challenges in Physician Workflows

    Physicians often grapple with the responsibilities of patient care, professional camaraderie, clinical research and extensive administration.  One of the most burdensome administrative tasks is medical documentation. Traditional workflows, burdened with manual and repetitive tasks, lead to increased administrative work, detracting from patient-focused care and contributing to physician burnout.  Streamlining these workflows is crucial for improving efficiency and enabling physicians to focus more on patient care.

    EHR Systems: The Backbone of Modern Healthcare

    EHR systems are central to modern healthcare, providing digital solutions for patient data management. Today with electronic systems, doctors are spending more time with the EHR and documentation compared with paper workflows.  The promise was that digital systems would eventually reduce the time spent on administration.  The effectiveness of EHR systems is greatly influenced by their integration into physicians’ daily workflows. HITEKS‘s integration with Epic’s NoteReader exemplifies an efficient, user-friendly solution that aligns with physicians’ needs.

    HITEKS and Epic’s NoteReader: A Synergistic Integration

    HITEKS’s integration with Epic’s NoteReader is a game-changer in optimizing physician workflows because of the importance of catching providers while they write or review their notes. This collaboration brings forth a suite of functionalities that streamline medical documentation and eventually patient care management.  For example, flagging a note for important details about a diagnosis like Atrial Fibrillation can set up appropriate education and reminders along with treatments for that condition.  Atrial Fibrillation is rarely the sole reason why a patient gets admitted to the hospital, but in terms of the way the hospital gets reimbursed and the outcomes of the patient it matters whether the condition is Chronic, Longstanding Persistent, Paroxysmal, Permanent, Persistent or New Onset.  A Provider’s memory is inadequate to supplement the precise terms and specificity required by the nation’s ICD-10 coding standards.  Digital context-specific tools within the provider’s workflow are the answer.

    Seamless Experience within Epic’s Ecosystem

    HITEKS’s integration within Epic’s NoteReader offers a seamless experience for physicians. This integration allows direct access to HITEKS’s features within the Epic EHR interface, eliminating the need for switching between different systems. This integration saves time, reduces cognitive load, and leads to a more intuitive workflow.  HITEKS automates the process of responding to queries within the EHR, significantly reducing the time physicians spend on documentation. This automation not only boosts productivity but also enhances the accuracy of medical records, crucial for effective patient care and minimizing errors.

    Reducing Administrative Load

    One of the primary advantages of HITEKS technology is its ability to alleviate the administrative burdens on physicians. By automating and streamlining documentation processes, physicians can reduce time spent after-hours and after the patient leaves their care, leading to increased job satisfaction. Improving Provider engagement is fostered with reduced administrative tasks and more efficient computer-based tasks.  The impact of HITEKS on Provider productivity is due to features like real-time query notifications within their Note writing, and advanced query logic ensuring that Providers can address documentation needs promptly and accurately.

    Real-Time Notifications and Advanced Query Logic

    Different than other vendors who require that Providers work within their screens and interfaces, HITEKS provides real-time notifications for queries within the EHR, along with advanced query logic. This ensures timely and accurate responses, enhancing the overall efficiency of the healthcare process.  HITEKS allows for the creation of customizable Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) queries tailored to each hospital’s system. This flexibility ensures that the queries are relevant and specific to the needs of the healthcare provider, further enhancing workflow efficiency. HITEKS includes a ‘Silent Mode’ for queries, allowing for a more streamlined review process. Additionally, it offers comprehensive dashboards for revenue integrity and quality impact reporting, providing detailed insights at the level of impact for each query on each patient account.

    Embracing the Future with HITEKS and Epic

    As healthcare continues to advance, embracing technologies like HITEKS, embedded within the nation’s largest EHR system, Epic, is essential. These innovations not only improve the efficiency of physician workflows but also set the foundation for new capabilities within the digital environment of patient care.  HITEKS’s integration with Epic’s NoteReader represents a significant step forward in addressing the challenges of traditional physician workflows. This synergy of technology and healthcare expertise is transforming the landscape, making healthcare more efficient and patient-centric. As we move forward, it’s crucial to continue exploring and implementing such innovations to create a sustainable and efficient healthcare system.  Burdensome generic alerts delivered within the EHR to Providers will no longer be tolerated since more efficient, patient-specific and provider-specific notifications are now possible.