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Hackensack Meridian Health Implements Hiteks’ Real-Time Physician Insight Technology to Optimize Diagnoses and Quality Care

    NEW YORK – April 26, 2017 – Hiteks Solutions Inc., a medical informatics software company focusing on EHR integrated clinical workflow solutions for physicians, announces that Hackensack Meridian Health has chosen Hiteks to power Epic’s NoteReader module, which prompts physicians to add suggested Diagnoses and Medications directly from the physician’s Notes. Hiteks also helps translate clinical diagnoses into ICD-10 compliant terms that are compatible with back-end claims coding solutions to improve revenue cycle.

    Hiteks’ Insight solution integrates with the EHR clinical Notes workflow to immediately suggest new and more specific diagnoses in physician documentation. This not only reduces the amount of time physicians must document for each patient, but also allows for more accurate concurrent coding of HCC, MCC/CC, and Quality diagnoses. The benefits of clinicians using Hiteks’ powered solutions include fewer coding queries, higher CMI and RAF scores due to the enhanced clinical specificity in the record, and fewer false positive, non-specific and redundant alerts for quality issues. By optimizing the clinical documentation process, physicians can focus on patient care instead of looking up or responding to clinical specificity queries and quality alerts.

    According to Dr. Lauren Koniaris, CMIO at Hackensack Meridian Health, “Hiteks software is integrated into the clinical workflow and enables physicians using the software to have higher compliance with its suggestions. The Epic integration is truly a time saver and seamless experience for the clinicians.”  Hiteks initially implemented its solution at Hackensack University Medical Center within Epic Care version 2014, and then upgraded its configuration for Epic Care version 2015 in Inpatient, ED and Ambulatory systems. Dr. Sarah Timmapuri, Chief Quality Informatics Officer and a practicing Cardiologist at Hackensack Meridian states that “the impact we are having on physician documentation across our enterprise workflow is significant. We’ve found that doctors who use NoteReader have significantly fewer queries and greater control and reconciliation of the problem list. Hiteks identifies new diagnoses otherwise kept hidden in Physicians’ Notes along with Echo and other procedure and pathology reports. In addition, it helps ease Problem Oriented Charting by helping to maintain the Problem List.”

    Dr. Gerry Petratos, CEO of Hiteks since 2011, states: “Hiteks’ mission as an innovator has always been to constantly find ways to get the right information directly to physicians with high accuracy and speed. That’s why we’ve developed a state-of-the-art documentation surveillance solution which helps identify deficiencies and missed financial opportunities as early as possible to be able to correct them through a single click by a physician. This automation frees up significant time for administrative HIM staff to be able to review the entire chart and focus on applying coding rules that are not as easy for a computer to accomplish, such as lack of diagnoses and adding medical necessity justification for any particular diagnosis.”

    In the ambulatory setting, Hiteks offers further specificity in the diagnostic process, which it draws from an amalgamation of variables from the History of Presenting Illness (HPI), the patient’s medical history and any relevant information regarding the nature of the patient’s illness. Hiteks’ solutions support risk-adjustment for outpatient payment models by optimizing Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC).

    In 2013 Hiteks began its collaboration with Hackensack Meridian Health to create a suite of applications with high return on investment for both financial and patient safety metrics. Hiteks differentiates from other solutions with its speed, accuracy and configurability by incorporating a modern clinical Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine with artificial intelligence and insurance algorithms that allow physicians to document more efficiently, thoroughly, and immediately while improving their compensation and quality scores. Hiteks enables enhanced EHR usability by providing immediate feedback to physicians at the point they are finishing their documentation, while the patient is still being seen. Maintaining an updated problem list also helps reduce the alert fatigue that comes from EHR alerting functions by suppressing alerts when a particular diagnosis, sign or symptom is present.

    About Hiteks Solutions:
    Hiteks is a leading provider of hosted EHR integrated software solutions with its Insight: Real-Time Revenue Rescue platform enabling real-time feedback to clinicians at the point of care. HIteks’ software reviews all the relevant structured and textual data automatically and provides accurate feedback to the EHR in less than 1 second. To contact Hiteks please visit