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Hiteks Releases Upgrade for Early Sepsis Identification, Management and Abstraction with Fewer False Positives in Epic

    New York, NY, October 24, 2018 – Hiteks Solutions Inc. announced today that they have upgraded their Sepsis detection, monitoring and management solution currently in operation at over 28 U.S. hospitals nationally, with the ability to reduce the false positive alerts within Epic. While the solution, VigilantQA – Sepsis Surveillance, has been running since 2016 by obtaining EHR data through real-time interfaces with MEDITECH and Epic, the upgrade now allows BPA alerts within Epic to be fully automated to accurately reflect Early Sepsis, Sepsis, Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock conditions according to the latest CMS, MEWS and Surviving Sepsis Campaign criteria.

    VigilantQA – Sepsis Surveillance improves the positive predictive value of alerts by reducing false positives through identification of comorbidity, infection source and organ system dysfunction confounders which are known to cause alert fatigue.As a result, higher usability and confidence in the alerts also increases the timely identification of sepsis and infection sources within the 3 and 6-hour windows. Alerts can be directed to performance improvement specialists, charge nurses, other nursing staff, hospitalists and/or other clinicians. VigilantQA – Sepsis Surveillance also includes a real-time abstraction for reporting module to reduce the time and resources required in the CMS reporting processes.

    EHR workflow benefits by integrating the Sepsis alerts with the Patient List Screen of care providers as a separate column, and optionally sending positive cases along with the “Evidence” and “Next Steps in Management” to specific users.Also, the triggers of the alerting can take place at various points in the clinical workflow such as Signing Orders and Opening Patient Charts, amongst others.The alerting algorithm can be configured differently based on adult and pediatric patient type and hospital setting such as ICU, NICU, PICU, Emergency Department, Post-Op, or the floor based on Hiteks’ A.I. which monitors hundreds of data points to determine the most likely causes of false positives and false negatives.

    Hiteks’ current and prospective clients are eligible to receive this upgrade with Epic version 2018 through Epic’s App Orchard: or through Hiteks’ website: to the high demand for this application and the new upgrade, Hiteks is able to offer significantly reduced pricing for new clients and multi-year contracts.Hiteks also offers a no-risk free trial for 6 months with no commitment to buy.

    About Hiteks

    Hiteks is a leading provider of hosted and EHR-integrated Decision Support software solutions to enhance physician time and knowledge by enabling real-time feedback to clinicians at the point of care with tens of thousands of clinicians nationally using its cloud software.Hiteks’ software reviews all the relevant discrete and Note data to automatically provide feedback to the clinician in the EHR in less than one second. For more information, please, or

    Contact Information: Dave Thomas, Hiteks Solutions, Inc., (212) 920-0929,