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Unlock the Full Potential of CDI with
HITEKS in Epic

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Seamless ICD-10 Capture Across the Board

  • With HITEKS, navigating the complexities of ICD-10 capture becomes effortless.
  • Inpatient and Outpatient settings.
  • Embedded within Epic workflows, and designed to identify a broad spectrum of diagnoses:
  • DRG, HCC inpatient, Quality risk metrics inpatient, HCC outpatient.

AI-Driven Excellence in CDI

  • The future of CDI with AI-powered workflows is here.
  • Beyond traditional rules-based systems, we use advanced ML/AI methods and Natural Language Processing.
  • Fully evidenced with compliant queries.
  • Real-time queries to Providers and CDS team to concurrently ensure Revenue and Quality integrity for every note.

Epic/HITEKS Product Suite – Your CDI Co-Pilot

  • Provider-facing CAPD powers Epic’s NoteReader CDI as an AI co-pilot for CDI.
  • Real-time documentation right within the visit note prior to signing.
  • For the CDS team and Risk Coders: our CA-CDR tool offers a similar AI CDI co-pilot.
  • Presents Queries and Prioritization of Accounts seamlessly within Epic WorkQueues.
  • Impact Analysis with Reference Content streamlines chart reviews.

Elevate Your CDI Workflow

  • CDS Teams control the system’s logic and provide oversight, for both inpatient and outpatient CDI.
  • HITEKS within Epic NoteReader CDI provides a seamless, easy-to use, intuitive user experience that elevates your CDI workflows to new heights.
Interested in seeing how HITEKS is helping to reduce physician burden, delivering a better patient/provider experience, and strengthening practice health?
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"With a physician-centric approach to improving documentation, HITEKS gave us the ability to empower our physicians with timely and accurate information to improve diagnosis specificity and validity. With training on how to best respond within their EHR workflow, physicians engaged heavily with the system's automated queries so that we could cover the entire chart and fill in our 40% gap in reviewing patient charts manually."

-Vidant Health CDI Manager