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Home » University Medical Center of Nevada To Become Hiteks’ 20th Hospital to Implement CAPD360 Insight For NoteReader CDI For Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) and Guidelines-directed Management in Epic

University Medical Center of Nevada To Become Hiteks’ 20th Hospital to Implement CAPD360 Insight For NoteReader CDI For Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) and Guidelines-directed Management in Epic

    New York, NY, August 8, 2018 – Hiteks Solutions Inc. and University Medical Center of Nevada (UMC) today announced that they have reached an agreement to implement CAPD360 Insight For NoteReader CDI in their Production Epic EHR system this summer with an accelerated implementation timeline.  In addition, UMC will be using Hiteks’ AdvocateMD Powering NoteReader for automated Diagnosis Calculator and Problem List Management, as well as Hiteks’ VigilantQA Sepsis Surveillance to reduce the time to identify Sepsis, Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock cases.

    UMC will become the 20th hospital to receive Hiteks’ newest solution integrated with Epic: CAPD360 Insight For NoteReader CDI, part of Epic’s App Orchard marketplace.  UMC follows Rush University Medical Center and other academic and community hospitals who use Epic. UMC selected Hiteks’ Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) service, which includes proprietary Search, A.I. and sub-second Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology due to its speed, configurability and its clinical guidelines-directed management knowledge.  Hiteks is the only true real-time CAPD solution in the industry, where “real-time” is defined is processing data within milliseconds so that it is available virtually immediately as feedback to physicians.  When compared to the legacy systems of its voice recognition, CDI and coding competitors, Hiteks avoids hard-coding and rigid software architectures which make EHR integration and clinical workflow customization challenging and expensive.  Hiteks’ extensive query library of clinical subject areas (e.g. pneumonia, malnutrition, obesity, heart failure, acute asthma, pediatric suicide ideation, pediatric burns, snake bites, acute neuropathy, NICU respiratory, NICU hypoglycemia) also contributed to UMC’s decision to work with Hiteks since their pre-packaged queries have been tested with other clients and can be supplemented by UMC-specific additions or variations in a matter of minutes.

    The goal in using Hiteks’ Insight Real-time IntelligenceTM suite of tools is to provide physicians with automated support that reduces the time it takes to access relevant clinical data so that they can make the best decisions for their patients.  Physician decision-support and workflow has been an important issue with the digitization of records because, although information is centralized into EHR systems, getting good data into and out of the systems for patient care has been a challenge.  Since Hiteks is owned and managed by doctors who have been in clinical practice, they understand that real-time computerized support can enhance quality care and reduce the annoyance of computers.  Hiteks applies its technology and clinical know-how by designing feedback at the time of note-writing so providers can document accurately according to national guidelines and speedily interpret complex clinical information composed of medical problems combined with diagnostic test results, medications and vital signs.

    Doctors who use Hiteks integrated with their EHR get valuable feedback on both implicit and explicitly-stated diagnoses which require attention due to either documentation integrity issues or quality concerns from worsening patient conditions.  Doctors who use Hiteks are able to respond in a timely manner which results in higher compliance compared to manually generated CDI queries or guidelines references.  Physician time is saved by avoiding the retrospective EHR navigation to re-open patient charts when CDI or Quality suggestions come in after-the-fact. From a financial perspective, the timely feedback improves capture of data and documentation which reduces the revenue cycle time to submit claims and supports severity-adjusted quality scoring, accurate coding and reduces denials.  Since Hiteks uses modern modular software architecture it can price its solutions significantly less than competition and help its clients reach a greater ROI.

    Further differentiation by Hiteks’ service includes guidelines-directed management of conditions such as heart failure and sepsis to support physicians with timely patient-specific reference information which promotes high quality care.  Automating documentation practices based on the knowledge of CDI, Quality and HIM staff as well as peer-reviewed guidelines references allows Hiteks to optimize throughput of documentation improvement and quality advice with evidence-based approaches.  Hiteks is the only vendor integrated with the EHR to allow for customer-specific evidence and documentation suggestions as well as tapping into its evidence base of computerized guidelines.

    According to Gerry Petratos, MD and CEO of Hiteks: There exists a great opportunity with UMC for us to support their multi-specialty environment, including Pediatrics, Surgery, ICU and Emergency Departments with real-time physician feedback.  UMC will benefit from our previous implementations where we have learned from other clients and tested new logic to enhance accuracy and grow our Query and Guidelines Library.  I expect that UMC will use 80% pre-packaged queries from our Library and 20% customized queries.  At the same time, we will learn from UMC’s clinical workflows and patient mix to continuously improve our NLP, A.I. and computerized guidelines with the real-time feedback we receive from UMC physicians.  UMC is also participating in a national incentive for 2018 to increase adoption of our Epic-integrated tools with discounts allowing them to benefit financially immediately upon implementation of our tools.

    About University Medical Center of Nevada:

    UMC is an academic medical center in Southern Nevada and serves as the anchor hospital of the Las Vegas Medical District, offering Nevada’s highest level of care to promote successful medical outcomes for patients.  UMC provides patients with access to a wide range of exclusive and specialized services, including Nevada’s only Level I Trauma Center, Designated Pediatric Trauma Center, Burn Care Center and Center for Transplantation. UMC also has a strategic partnership with the UNLV School of Medicine, serving as the anchor partner for the newly developed school to deliver the region’s finest academic medicine.

    About Hiteks

    HITEKS is a leading provider of hosted and EHR-integrated Computer Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) solutions to enhance clinical documentation and reimbursement.  Its platform enables real-time feedback to clinicians at the point of care.  For more information, please visit, or Epic’s App Orchard.

    Contact Information: Dave Thomas, Director of Sales, Hiteks Solutions, Inc., +1 (212) 920 – 0929,