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What Will Customers Demand From Their Software In 2017?

    Over the past decade, we’ve witnessed the rise of artificial intelligence at an unprecedented rate of technological advancement. No longer is AI a feature of science fiction films. We’re now face to face with the task of establishing standards and expectations for the AI technology that already exists. Along with AI’s entrance into the mainstream came the popularization of bot-based technology and adaptive software.

    Some of these technologies have simply not yet reached a standard that is ready for mass production. For example, you may recall when Internet trolls corrupted Microsoft’s Tay chatbot with hate speech. It reached the point that its makers had no choice but to remove it 24 hours after launching. Meanwhile, we’ve also seen other new technologies enter the market that are actually reshaping entire industries. For example, workflow management and clinical documentation improvement software (CDI) has transformed the healthcare industry to the point that it could become a standard for all hospitals in coming years.

    The challenge is determining what features of new software will be most crucial to longevity in a highly competitive field. What will we as a society demand from our artificial intelligence in the years to come? We submit that these three features will be crucial:


    Our expectations are going to evolve along with the resources that we have available to us. It will not be long before expect our software to adapt to complex changes in circumstances. Soon we’ll want our software to provide suggestions and predictions for us. For example, one of the most advantageous features of CDI software in healthcare is its ability to organize a sophisticated collection of patient information and provide a diagnosis, treatment plan, and code for billing, which the software draws from a collection of several thousands of options instantaneously.

    Omnichannel Integration

    The Internet of Things has raised the stakes for software as a whole. No longer will we consider applications that are incompatible with other technologies acceptable. In order for an automation technology to last, it must integrate with its counterparts, to the point that it centralizes everything into one cohesive, easy-to-use organism. Such is the case for Hiteks’ CAPD360 Insight software, which is being showcased nationally to Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists. Instead of having several separate apps under the same umbrella, Hiteks’ Insight: Real-Time Revenue Rescue software integrates workflow management, documentation, coding for billing, sepsis surveillance, and more into one central application integrated with the data from the EHR and in some cases, communicating back to the EHR to store the audit of responses solicited from the clinical users.

    Exceptional Security Features

    Hackers pose more of a threat than ever before. Cybersecurity goes far beyond American political campaigns. Hackers have dipped their hands in literally any industry that stores its information online. Hackers have infiltrated cars, homes, and even hospitals, holding their victims for ransom or worse. This, then increases the need for better security features, because lack thereof will eventually lead to customers taking their business elsewhere because it’s too much of a risk to their assets and privacy.

    Hiteks Solutions provides front-end, point-of-care solutions for physicians, nurses and Quality Improvement staff in as many as 15 different states throughout the US. To learn more about how we are influencing the medical industry, give us a call at 212-920-0929 or reach out to us via email at