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CAPD360 Insight by HITEKS Significantly Improves Clinical Workflows and Automates CDI

    The goal of all healthcare providers should be to provide efficient and successful services and treatments to their patients.  To do this, healthcare providers and organizations need to streamline their clinical workflow and enhance delivery of clinical services.  To improve workflow, the providers should have a systematic process and set of tools in their place of work to rely on, they should have easy access to the clinical history of each patient prior to that patient’s visit, and they need to minimize the amount of mistakes in documentation which serves as the medico-legal record and the basis of reimbursement.


    In order to accomplish this, healthcare technology has evolved over the years.  In fact, HITEKS has recently announced the implementation of their new application, CAPD360 Insight integrated with Epic’s NoteReader CDI, in both Direct and Silent Modes.  As a result of the different modes, hundreds of hours per week of resource time are saved and physician responsiveness is improved. Patient complexity is documented and serves as the basis of reimbursement on both DRG and Risk Adjustment models.


    Additionally, CAPD360 Insight combines artificial intelligence with sub-second Natural Language Processing technology.  This means that the application is able to analyze notes and review the patient’s electronic health records to offer real-time feedback.  This helps providers make well-informed decisions with the goal of improving the accuracy of their diagnoses, co-morbidities and treatments.  As a result, CAPD360 minimizes the chance of documentation errors, therefore improving the experience that providers have with the administrative aspects of patient care.


    At HITEKS, we also recognize that great training is an important factor of improving clinical workflow.  That’s why we offer exclusive physician training integrated with Epic so that every healthcare professional that utilizes our products is able to get the greatest improvement on their clinical workflow through the timely reminders and suggestions of what is most appropriately for their Notes.


    Since 2011, HITEKS has been working with Epic and other EHR vendors along with the nation’s largest hospital systems to enhance clinical workflow and analytics for improved revenue cycle, as well as clinician satisfaction.  To learn more, schedule a demo here.