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How Healthcare Provider Institutions Are Benefiting from HITEKS´ CAPD360 Insight

    Since  HITEKS released their newest clinical documentation improvement application on Epic’s App Orchard, CAPD360 Insight for NoteReader CDI,  in December 2019, its clients have experienced consistent growth in financial and workflow metrics.  This system allows physicians and CDI Specialists to improve their documentation integrity at the point of care.  CAPD360´s areas of focus include maximizing physician compliance, timely responses, efficient enterprise RCM processes, and being fully integrated with clinical workflows.


    There are three main benefits that CAPD360 offers healthcare provider institutions.  The first one is better communication due to its real-time, shared view of the medical chart between Clinical Departments, Case Managers, and Physician Advisors.  It also improves workflow opportunities by reading through the entire chart, both inpatient and ambulatory, meaning that opportunities for CDI are prioritized and maximized.  Lastly, this system offers higher revenues thanks to its timely and complete advice for consistent clinical documentation decision-making.


    So, how is this all made possible?  In order to answer this question, we have to discuss the functionality of CAPD360.  This is what the application consists of:

    • A.I. chart prioritization for query opportunities
    • EHR workflow integration for CDIS
    • Direct-to-physician Epic notifications to increase compliance
    • Automated query library to reduce CDIS workload and simplify implementation
    • Ambulatory CDI query module
    • Patient-specific including pediatrics, payor & gender-based CDI configurations


    There are 3 simple steps that need to be done in order to improve documentation in their workflow.  The first step that a physician has to do is receive the query at the time of them writing their Visit Note.  The second is that they review evidence presented in the form of a query attached to that Visit Note which will then give them various suggested text to insert in their Visit Note, if appropriate.  Finally, based on the text that they select or add manually, the system will close the query as it tracks the improvement of the documentation and dismiss any other queries to other providers sharing the documentation responsibilities (inpatient) or track improved patient complexity (ambulatory).


    Due to the improvement in communication among healthcare providers, enhanced workflow opportunities, and higher revenues, HITEKS´ CAPD360 Insight, now leading the real-time, point-of-care CDI opportunities in Epic, is helping to improve clinical workflow and physician satisfaction.