A NoteReader CDI Solution For The Evolving Medical Industry

A Better World

Well, for starters, we like to occupy our time thinking of ways to make the world a better, higher functioning place. What can we do to make this green earth we live on a safer, more cohesive place? After some extensive brainstorming, and especially since we were already doctors and health care engineers, we came to the conclusion that the healthcare industry could use a hand. We believe that physicians and nurses in America deserve to have access to the most innovative inventions because we have our hands-on clinicians to thank for our health and wellbeing.

From there, we went on to investigate what aspects of the medical field could we improve upon. We found that there are three prime sections of medical logistics for which we are now witnessing a rapid evolution. Those three sections are the diagnostic, coding, and billing systems. But in order to make these progressive new standards work, physicians must be able to adapt their practices too.

Who are Hiteks and what do they do?

Upon further examination, we came to the conclusion that it would be only right to develop a physician documentation system to complement this evolution. So we proceeded to produce foolproof real-time clinical documentation improvement (CDI) software that will allow physicians to transition smoothly into a new and improved set of best practices for all three aspects of medical care. Similarly, we realized that helping nurses with intervention advice for cases of Sepsis and Other Quality indicators could help too. So, first our software is a vender neutral and Epic-Integrated NoteReader CDI solution from our Real-Time Revenue Insight platform. We call it ConcurDI. It is available now on our website for demo and is already implemented at tens of hospitals across the nation.

Key Features Of ConcurDI

It is a cloud-based platform:

This will prevent the possibility of any loss of data due someone along the way misplacing documents. Any time anyone enters important patient information into our platform, it automatically goes to the cloud. It remains there, safe from the likes of forgetful or overly busy physicians, nurses, coders, and billers.

It uses the latest in Clinical Natural Language Processing (cNLP) technology:

The complexity of medical terminology has made for a worthy challenge for developers. At long last, ConcurDI, which we’ve equipped with the best front-end NLP technology, is the answer to that challenge. Now physicians can document their patient history, assessment and plan with relative ease, allowing for less distractions and higher quality care.

It allows for streamlined workflow management on a scale never before seen in a hospital:

Cohesiveness and organization are vital to a medical facility’s capacity to provide quality care. With ConcurDI, all health professionals will be able to manage information at a rate that is unprecedented. They will now be able to streamline information and workflow to CDI specialists with remarkable immediacy (less than 1 second response time back to the EHR client).

It allows for much faster risk adjustment and identification, as well as a more thorough and accurate return on investment:

You can use this solution retroactively to examine diagnoses, treatments, medications, and more. This will allow you to adjust your plan more thoroughly. Moreover, with better documentation via a centralized resource, you will be able count on receiving the compensation that coincides precisely with the care that you provided.

Shared Decision-Making:

Since Health Systems enhance healthcare decision between physicians and their patients using the best clinical evidence available, Hiteks can support better decisions by having better real-time data in the chart by activating Hiteks for Signs/Symptoms (in addition to HCC Diagnoses), medication reconciliation and allergies, which can feed into third party applications like IBM Watson. This additional physician-validated data for Signs/Symptoms, PTA, and D/C Meds, and Allergies, in addition to fully specified Diagnoses, can enhance the recommendations made and outcomes found by Watson.

Do you want to learn more about Hiteks’ brand new NoteReader CDI software? Contact us online or by phone and ask about ConcurDI from Insight. We have clients on all sides of the country and we’re still expanding. We are compatible with all back-end CDI solutions too, like 3m, Nuance, MModal and Optum. Give us a call today at 212-920-0929.

Why ConcurDI: Hiteks’ Real-Time CDI Is The Answer To A Growing Paradox In Medicine

Learn all about Hiteks’ integrated Epic NoteReader CDI solution: ConcurDI. Hiteks’ is an innovative Real-Time Solutions company focused on Clinical Documentation Improvement software that always has the physician at heart. To learn more about us, have a look at our homepage.

The Rapid Evolution Of Medicine

We are witnessing a transition in the healthcare industry. As the medical community continues to release new research and innovative technology, the standard for quality of care grows at an exponential rate. What is possible today was but a distant objective ten years ago. The expectations we have for our physicians have vastly evolved in a relatively short span of time. Simultaneously, a complex and unstable health insurance system that some say is approaching a phase of instability has caused the cost of such high quality care to soar.

The Paradox Caused By Our Health Insurance System

The paradoxical demand for high quality care at an affordable rate continues to grow. Finding a solution has been intimidatingly complex. And yet, it is crucial to the future of our healthcare system. The first step is to develop a more efficient physician documentation system. This will allow for faster and more effective physician to patient care and shared decision-making. In order to keep up with the industry’s changing climate, physicians must document their interactions more thoroughly. At the same time, they must cut the time spent on recording information to a fraction of where it’s been. Similarly, patients need to review and respond to this documentation.

The Solution

It was a tall feat and we have technological innovators like Hiteks to thank for filling the void. Hiteks has birthed real-time Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) software that will allow physicians to navigate the evolving nature of the healthcare and health insurance industries like never before. We call our solution ConcurDI from our Real-Time Revenue Rescue Insight platform. It’s the latest in CDI software and it’s already the solution to physicians’ problems in hospitals across the country.

ConcurDI: The Latest In NoteReader CDI Solutions

ConcurDI is vendor neutral and is integrated with Epic and other EHRs. By utilizing this innovative Hiteks Solution, physicians will be able to significantly reduce queries and denials. They will also be able to increase Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) and Case Mix Index (CMI). They will have the capacity to streamline crucial information that they record about their patients to their colleagues, allowing all physicians to work more cohesively towards bringing their patients back to health. The result will be greater efficiency due to a foolproof centralized workflow system while simultaneously raising satisfaction amongst patients.

Enterprise Clinical Natural Language Processing (cNLP)

This gives physicians the ability to create their documentation, allowing them to place more attention on their patient and less on their paperwork. The cNLP feature of ConcurDI automatically sifts through bulk of physician narratives about patients and locates ICD-10 opportunities while separating poorly specified information. Hiteks’ cNLP is the only medical-focused NLP platform in the industry, having been designed and created from the group up by Hiteks’ medical informatics-trained engineers.

If you would like to learn more about Hiteks’ ConcurDI, powering real-time NoteReader CDI technology, you can reach us at 212-920-0929.


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