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Why CAPD360 Insight: Hiteks’ Real-Time CDI Is The Answer To A Growing Paradox In Medicine

    Learn all about Hiteks’ integrated Epic NoteReader CDI solution: CAPD360 Insight. Hiteks’ is an innovative Real-Time Solutions company focused on Clinical Documentation Improvement software that always has the physician at heart. To learn more about us, have a look at our homepage.

    The Rapid Evolution Of Medicine

    We are witnessing a transition in the healthcare industry. As the medical community continues to release new research and innovative technology, the standard for quality of care grows at an exponential rate. What is possible today was but a distant objective ten years ago. The expectations we have for our physicians have vastly evolved in a relatively short span of time. Simultaneously, a complex and unstable health insurance system that some say is approaching a phase of instability has caused the cost of such high quality care to soar.

    The Paradox Caused By Our Health Insurance System

    The paradoxical demand for high quality care at an affordable rate continues to grow. Finding a solution has been intimidatingly complex. And yet, it is crucial to the future of our healthcare system. The first step is to develop a more efficient physician documentation system. This will allow for faster and more effective physician to patient care and shared decision-making. In order to keep up with the industry’s changing climate, physicians must document their interactions more thoroughly. At the same time, they must cut the time spent on recording information to a fraction of where it’s been. Similarly, patients need to review and respond to this documentation.

    The Solution

    It was a tall feat and we have technological innovators like Hiteks to thank for filling the void. Hiteks has birthed real-time Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) software that will allow physicians to navigate the evolving nature of the healthcare and health insurance industries like never before. We call our solution CAPD360 Insight from our Real-Time Revenue Rescue Insight platform. It’s the latest in CDI software and it’s already the solution to physicians’ problems in hospitals across the country.

    CAPD360 Insight: The Latest In NoteReader CDI Solutions

    CAPD360 Insight is vendor neutral and is integrated with Epic and other EHRs. By utilizing this innovative Hiteks Solution, physicians will be able to significantly reduce queries and denials. They will also be able to increase Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) and Case Mix Index (CMI). They will have the capacity to streamline crucial information that they record about their patients to their colleagues, allowing all physicians to work more cohesively towards bringing their patients back to health. The result will be greater efficiency due to a foolproof centralized workflow system while simultaneously raising satisfaction amongst patients.

    Enterprise Clinical Natural Language Processing (cNLP)

    This gives physicians the ability to create their documentation, allowing them to place more attention on their patient and less on their paperwork. The cNLP feature of CAPD360 Insight automatically sifts through bulk of physician narratives about patients and locates ICD-10 opportunities while separating poorly specified information. Hiteks’ cNLP is the only medical-focused NLP platform in the industry, having been designed and created from the group up by Hiteks’ medical informatics-trained engineers.

    If you would like to learn more about Hiteks’ CAPD360 Insight, powering real-time NoteReader CDI technology, you can reach us at 212-920-0929.