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Cutting Sepsis Detection And Diagnosis From Months To Seconds

    Learn all about Hiteks’ sepsis surveillance solution from Insight, the VigilantQA. We also offer NoteReader CDI, Medication Reconciliation, and Diagnosis Optimization solutions, which you can review on our homepage.

    Sepsis has a rapid onset that worsens dramatically with each hour that physicians do not treat it. But since symptoms resemble those of a number of other acute illnesses, diagnosing sepsis can take months. There are hundreds of rules that physicians must explore before arriving at the conclusion that the patient’s suffering from sepsis. But this span of time is unsustainable when matched with how rapidly the condition becomes lethal.

    Consequently, sepsis claims the lives of over 750,000 patients in America per year. And that’s just accounting for those who are in hospitals. Not to mention expenses. The cost of treatment, due in part to the incongruity between diagnosis and treatment, is among the most expensive conditions. One publication estimated a yearly cost of up to $20 billion.

    But we are in the midst of an information technology revolution. With the resources we now have, there’s no reason why this crisis should persist in American hospitals. The time has come to make a change. Healthcare providers not only have the capacity, but the duty to protect those patients at risk of dying from sepsis. If the greatest challenge a physician faces regarding sepsis treatment is time, then time they shall have.

    Introducing VigilantQA, Hiteks’ Real-Time high-risk sepsis surveillance and diagnosis solution from Hiteks’ Real-Time Revenue Rescue Insight platform. By incorporating VigilantQA into hospital floors, hospitals have the capacity to eliminate an age-old problem. They’ll have the opportunity to save countless lives across the nation. VigilantQA transforms the process of detecting, diagnosing and treating high-risk sepsis from what once lasted up to several months into what is now a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds.

    How The VigilantQA Works

    This brand new, groundbreaking medical software solution utilizes an algorithm that allows for automated, Real-Time surveillance of patients at risk of rapid onset sepsis. It’s software that aggregates and analyzes all relevant structured and unstructured data on patients’ current status and medical history. With that information, it arrives at a definitive conclusion with tremendous immediacy. Once the VigilantQA delivers its diagnosis, it then provides advice on treatment intervention for antibiotic selection, follow-up labs and fluids. It also delivers alerts to the nurse and other floor staff early on when the patients are first showing signs of risk, along with the follow-up required to close the loop with the Performance Improvement department who are responsible for reporting the QA.

    How VigilantQA Will Influence The Future Of Medicine

    The mortality rate for one of the most efficient killers that American hospitals have seen in years will soon drop significantly. Physicians will now have the ability to monitor their patients in real-time for quality conditions to a greater degree, allowing them to focus their efforts on developing better, more innovative treatments for sepsis, as they will now be able to respond in time to produce promising results. Patient safety and satisfaction will increase, more people will go home happier and healthier, and the United States will have substantially weakened a problem that once annually took the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals.

    To learn more about our state of the art sepsis monitoring Solution, give us a call at 212-920-0929 and ask about Hiteks’ VigilantQA from Real-Time Revenue Rescue Insight.