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The Future Of CAPD And ICD-10 Processing Software

    Hiteks has teamed up with leading EHRs to deliver a suite of real-time Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) software set to open the doors to the highest functioning healthcare billing system in history.

    Healthcare is changing. Fee-for-service and value-based care, coupled with the adaptation of new ICD-10 compliance standards, has left insurance companies in a position to deny coverage to those who fail to follow the proper coding system protocol. But because of its complexity and expansiveness, clinicians are overwhelmed, as they struggle to adapt to a system that pools tens of thousands of codes into a single documentation and billing system. The demand for thorough clinical documentation improvement (CDI) software has never been greater. Here’s a brief explanation of how Hiteks is addressing this problem to bring CAPD functionality directly to physicians in their workflow, bypassing many of the queries or inappropriately coded charts.

    HCC Risk Adjustment

    AdvocateMD powers Epic NoteReader and serves as the flagship solution of Hiteks’ expanding Insight: Real-Time Revenue Rescue suite. Hiteks automatically codes all relevant HCC risk adjustment, MCC, CC, and DRG diagnoses in real-time. It is a software solution that utilizes artificial intelligence to minimize the amount of time spent on documentation by optimizing notes, monitoring quality, and providing immediate (within one second) feedback to providers. Feedback includes specificity of diagnoses, suggested treatments, and what information in the provider’s notes is missing or requires further investigation and/or documentation.

    Hiteks allows providers to cover their bases more thoroughly prior to presenting their notes to the billing department. This, in effect, lessens the number of coding queries, which has been an issue that has delayed processing for years. The result of AdvocateMD in the medical workplace will be faster and more accurate compensation to physicians, as well as better and more immediate coverage for care and prescriptions to patients.

    Workflow And Case Mix Index Optimization

    Hiteks’ CDI software, CAPD360 Insight powering Epic NoteReader CDI, also acts as a centralized source of information and data. This streamlines workflow, allowing for better communication between providers, which leads to higher provider and patient satisfaction. Through a single click providers now have the ability to add documentation into their EHR to optimize Case Mix Index (CMI) and Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF), keeping the CDI, HIM and CFO functions happy.

    Hiteks Solutions is a collection of physicians and technology specialists who have a vision of a more cohesive healthcare community. To learn more about Hiteks’ Insight: Real Time Revenue Rescue suite and how it’s changing the way physicians and other healthcare providers think of HCC Risk Adjustment, Case Mix Optimization, CDI, ICD-10 compliance, and Enhanced Surveillance and Quality Monitoring, contact them via email at or by phone at 212-920-0929.