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Hiteks Joins with Epic’s App Orchard and Wolters Kluwer’s Sales Teams

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Hiteks Joins with Epic’s App Orchard and Wolters Kluwer’s Sales Teams to Optimize Patient Care with Simplified Access to Hiteks Real-Time Analytics Apps that Provide Immediate Decision Support within Physician Workflow

Hiteks has entered into two important new collaborations to simplify and reduce prices for accelerated access to its cutting edge physician applications. They have the industry’s fastest real-time, POC, clinical sub-second natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence solutions which comprise its Insight: Real-Time Revenue Rescue platform. The initial applications from the Insight platform include the following:

The first collaboration this summer started with Epic of Verona, Wisconsin. Hiteks joined Epic’s App Orchard program as one of its early vendors to provide more seamless access to its physician decision support and analytics tools that can be accessed by any of Epic’s health system clients. Hiteks and Epic have been partnering since 2013 to integrate the artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing capabilities of Hiteks’ Insight: AdvocateMD which powers computer-assisted physician documentation (CAPD) through the Epic NoteReader module for clinical documentation improvement. By embedding that CAPD tool within Epic, physicians can get feedback at the point of care as provider organizations work to improve severity-adjusted quality scores and better understand reimbursement and risk adjustment factors to improve care management.

Hiteks has the most Epic hospitals using NoteReader and now will launch their NoteReader CDI web service within the App Orchard to promote more seamless access to another important physician documentation tool which allows for automated CDI queries and text-insertion to improve documentation through a single click. The overall impact for Epic’s physician users will be availability of the latest artificial intelligence and NLP technology to enhance decision support, population health and individual patient outcomes.

The second collaboration this summer was with Wolters Kluwer Health. Besides re-selling of a web service that supports Sepsis Surveillance, Hiteks was able to strategically position its products with others at Wolters Kluwer to effectively ease purchasing decisions and prices for potential clients. The result is that organizations who need to comply with strict IT purchasing to reduce vendors and optimize quality of service, can now access Hiteks without having to deal with speech engine vendors who have legacy technology. Hiteks’ advanced platform architecture enables reduced costs and higher accuracy and speed to outperform other solutions on the market. Wolters Kluwer chose Hiteks for these reasons now are able to extend access to Hiteks’ engine to even more health care providers.

Focus on High Impact Alerts for Quality To Improve Patient Care

Besides enabling less alert fatigue through high accuracy of its system, Hiteks also provides the fastest analysis (less than 1 second) of the patient’s chart to provide immediate feedback to documenting providers while they are still looking at that same patient’s chart. Hiteks’ proprietary and non-legacy technology are architected in a way that enables it to be configured for new clinical terms and Note Types much more quickly and easily than the speech engine vendor technology, which has been acquired from legacy companies many years ago.

In addition, Hiteks focuses its solutions on detecting incomplete documentation from a quality standpoint, ensuring the improvement of both quality care and revenues. Competing vendors only look at revenues, missing the opportunity to intervene with targeted alerts to providers at the point of care. Hiteks advanced its knowledge base of Explicit and Implicit Diagnoses through multiple years of feedback from thousands of clinical users and by having skilled physicians on its management team.

According to Gerry Petratos, MD and CEO of Hiteks: “Working in collaboration within Epic’s Development Teams and the Wolters Kluwers teams, Hiteks’ real-time analytics software helps improve our clients’ ability to respond immediately to documentation improvement and quality conditions. High compliance from physicians only comes from real-time feedback to data or documentation detected in the patient’s chart. Quality conditions like Sepsis, along with other prioritized diagnoses (Malnutrition, Pneumonia, Heart Failure, etc.) within physician’s clinical documentation related to clinical specificity impact charge capture that effects coding accuracy, revenue, and the overall productivity of clinical teams.

Hiteks has guaranteed the success of operational financial performance by incorporating clinical benchmarking and analytics into our clients’ data metrics from physician behavior to improve clinical outcomes. This data underpins an organization’s ability to achieve a positive financial impact of high-value care, with improved quality and clinical outcomes at a lower total cost of care. Hiteks’ participation in Epic’s App Orchard program allows us to efficiently access the appropriate Epic interfaces and work with Epic’s Development Teams so that implementation is simplified to minimize the IT burden with the savings passed on to clients.”

For more information about Hiteks’ Insight: Real-Time Revenue Rescue suite, dial 212-920-0929 today.