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Inside The Hiteks CAPD360 Insight: Real-Time CDI

    Hundreds of hospitals all across the nation are signing up to bring Hiteks to their facilities. Why? Because healthcare is one industry that deserves a clear and easy-to-use workflow system. In no other profession is sound communication more important. That’s why we believe it’s time to move our standards and expectations forward. By using Hiteks’ CAPD360 Insight Real-Time CDI workflow solution, we can make doctors and nurses more effective. Here’s a brief look into some of the advantages doctors and nurses would have upon using our software.

    Fewer And More Efficient Queries To Physicians And Higher Risk Adjustment:

    An excess of documentation queries can lead to excruciatingly slow and tedious processing and audits, in some extreme cases, can even lead to worsening of patient health. Seeing as how doctors often must see dozens of patients per day, it’s only natural for them to overlook the full specificity of a diagnosis in their documentation every once in awhile. But these small errors can complicate the entire flow of information between all of the necessary people. But with Hiteks’ workflow solution, that won’t happen because physicians are provided a real-time point of care reminder to supplement the relevant data, effectively minimizing the margin of error.

    More Up-To-Date Problem List Management:

    If each physician must work independently, the chances of one person’s problem list differing from someone else’s is too high. In 2016, with all of the technological resources we have at our fingertips, this is unacceptable. With Hiteks, everyone will manage the same problem list for each patient. So that anytime anyone makes a change or update, everyone will be aware of it.

    Safer Patient Care:

    Quality patient care depends largely on how well informed the physician is. Because better information, which our software automatically checks and organizes, leads to more accurate understanding of the severity and nature of patient illnesses, which translates to better treatment, the result is better treatment outcomes and safer care. Our customers can attest to this.

    Hiteks offers an EpicCare- powered NoteReader solution for physicians along with a CDI Specialist solution for real-time queries that are conducive to both inpatient and ambulatory patient environments. The above information describes our Basic Package, which is now available as a special offer. We also offer a Professional Package and an Enterprise Package. To learn more about what Hiteks can do for you, give our office a call at 212-920-0929.