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Mosaic Life Care Makes a Significant Shift from Cerner to Epic EMR


    Mosaic Life Care is a leading healthcare provider that operates multiple hospitals and clinics in Missouri and Kansas, with a strong emphasis on providing patient-centered care. 

    On February 14th, 2023, the organization has made a significant decision to transition from Cerner to Epic EMR system. This move is significant, not only for Mosaic Life Care but also for the wider healthcare community, as it highlights the ongoing shift in the industry towards more modern and integrated technologies.

    The Switch to Epic

    The decision to switch to Epic EMR was not made lightly. Mosaic Life Care has been using Cerner for over a decade, and the system has been instrumental in enabling the organization to deliver high-quality care to its patients. However, the healthcare landscape is changing rapidly, and Mosaic Life Care recognized that it needed a more flexible and scalable EMR system to keep up with the evolving needs of its patients and healthcare providers.

    Epic is a highly regarded EMR system that is known for its intuitive user interface and comprehensive suite of features. It is widely used by leading healthcare organizations, including Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic, and is considered to be one of the most advanced and sophisticated EMR systems available today.

    Mosaic Life Care is not alone in this switch. Since June 2022, four other health systems have announced their intention to switch from Oracle Cerner to Epic Systems. These include Houston-based Memorial Hermann Health System, Atlanta-based Emory Healthcare, MercyOne, and  Naples, Fla.-based NCH Healthcare System.

    Epic is mainly employed by large hospitals and health systems across the United States to store, access, organize, and exchange electronic medical records. According to the 2020 KLAS Research report, Epic holds the largest share (29 percent) of the EHR market for acute care hospitals in the United States.

    The Need to Improve Interoperability, Data Sharing, Patient Engagement

    Mosaic Life Care’s decision to switch to Epic was driven by several key factors. One of the main reasons was the need to improve interoperability and data sharing with other healthcare providers. With the shift towards value-based care and the increasing emphasis on care coordination, Mosaic Life Care recognized the importance of having a more integrated EMR system that could seamlessly exchange patient data with other healthcare providers. 

    Another factor that influenced Mosaic Life Care’s decision was the need to improve patient engagement and experience. Epic’s patient portal is highly regarded for its user-friendly interface and advanced features, such as online appointment scheduling and secure messaging. This will enable Mosaic Life Care to provide a more convenient and accessible way for patients to access their health information and communicate with their healthcare providers.

    Transition from Cerner to Epic

    Starting from March 4, will transition from Cerner to Epic EMR, and patients will have a new patient portal powered by Epic’s MyChart. The transition from Cerner to Epic is expected to take several months and will involve significant planning, testing, and training. Mosaic Life Care has already started the process of migrating patient data from Cerner to Epic and is working closely with Epic to ensure a smooth transition. The organization has also invested in additional resources to support the transition, including a dedicated team of trainers and support staff to ensure that healthcare providers are fully prepared to use the new system.

    Mosaic CEO Mike Poore in a news release said “With this change, we are moving to a best-in-class, secure, patient-focused system, which will allow us to provide tools and resources to not only our care teams, but also to patients,”. “This change is a long-term investment Mosaic is making to improve the quality of care patients receive. Epic is the leader in electronic health medical records, and we look forward to this transformational change for our patients.”

    Mosaic Life Care’s decision to transition from Cerner to Epic EMR system reflects the ongoing shift in the healthcare industry towards more modern and integrated technologies.

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