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MUE in EHR Workflows

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Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committees are now able to leverage EHR workflows and real-world data on their health system’s population for policy creation and monitoring. HITEKS works has been developing applications integrated within EHRs since 2011.  Our latest app is listed on Epic’s App Orchard for MUE in Heart Failure.

Medication Use Evaluations (MUE, or Drug Utilization Review) for your pharmacy workflows can now benefit from these

1) Hyperlipidemia and Heart Failure

2) Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s

3) Community & Academic Oncology: NSCLC, AML, Breast

4) Devices: Cardiovascular, CNS, GI, Oncology

The areas of functionality for our platform where we enhance EHR workflows and data are as follows:

a) Guidelines-based Evidence Research for Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committees combining Real World Data on a health/hospital system’s own population with published evidence

b) Prospectively monitoring and enforcing pharmacy policy and formulary placement through EHR-workflow decision-support for physicians, pharmacists and quality improvement

c) Supporting automated workflow for clinicians in Prior Authorizations and other Payor requirements to increase medication compliance



Digital Health Solutions

For Evidence Assurance

August  2020



1.Real World Evidence & Digital Health Approach

2.Unique EHR-integrated Platform & Company Background

3.Insight Platform & CarePaths Solution Walkthrough


Provider engagement with Electronic Health Records provides  significant opportunities to apply Evidence-based Medicine

HITEKS’ Insight Platform allows EHR-Integrated workflow advice