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Partners’ budget shortfall can be turned around with real-time technology

    A recent article in STAT news on December 7th ( reported the experience of Partners’ Brigham hospital after installing the Epic EHR. Apparently this leading hospital system had a $13 million dollar shortfall, attributed to miscoding and subsequent reduced insurance reimbursement.

    Hiteks helps its customers to experience the opposite, achieving increases in reimbursement after integrating Real-Time solutions into the EHR from the outset. This benefit is attributable to 2 powerful features that Hiteks provides to clinicians at the point of care in real-time. The first is concurrent document improvement for more appropriate documentation. The second is the automated selection of the correct ICD-10 code.

    Why risk decreased reimbursement when you upgrade to the latest version of Epic’s EHR which has integrated NoteReader? In the 2015 version it will also include real-time clarifications for powerful Clinical Documentation Improvement. Do better than Partners in Boston, just contact Hiteks for our Real-Time solutions. At a fraction of the $13 million Partners shortfall, your system can instead benefit from more complete and higher compliance with ICD-10 term specificity while streamlining your providers’ workflow at the same time.

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