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Timely With Not Too Many Clicks and Within Workflow

    Someone asked me how we at HITEKS Solutions Inc. came up with our CAPD software embedded in Epic.
    I told them it wasn’t an accident. In 2014, at the request of customers and Epic, we had implemented another tool for problem list management called NoteReader.  It was also embedded in The EHR but physicians got frustrated with too many clicks and adopting to problem- oriented charting.  In 2016 we decided to engage on a multi-year software development effort to create a new more usable program that simplified physician notifications. We learned from our past experience and in 2018 launched to the market a highly usable notification and query automation tool. CAPD360 Insight (for inpatient) doesn’t require a doctor to do anything but read the feedback highlighted under their note or in their task list and respond with a click. Now we can help organizations show their high quality and complex patients. Look out for our newest tool for Ambulatory documentation Pre-charting, also integrated in Epic. Ask your Epic BFF about CAPD360 Insight for NoteReader CDI and Outsight Precharter for more info and a live demo.