ConcurDI Program

Real-Time Clinical Documentation Improvement at Your Fingertips


Truncate your clinical documentation improvement (CDI) cycle from weeks to minutes with the Hiteks’ ConcurDI program for hospitals and medical group practices. Our solutions provide physicians with all of the resources they need at their fingertips without the inconvenience of tedious drop-down menus pick-lists or other electronic health record (EHR) processing. By investing in one of our various packages, you will be ensuring the full and rapid completion of medical necessity terms to satisfy both reimbursement (claims coding) and quality surveillance and reporting.


In today’s precipitously transient world, medical professionals cannot afford to fall behind in technological advancements. That which is possible today was unheard of some years ago, which leaves doctors with a constant responsibility to take advantage of all that is available to them. Failing to do so could be at the expense a patient’s well being.

Nowadays, the world moves fast and we must move with it. People will continue to get sick, but with ConcurDI working in your EHR with your documentation, you can optimize your health information management (HIM), helping more people at a faster pace with higher frequency. That means no more making patients wait while you try to remember the correct clinical term for one of thousands of conditions that you may vaguely recall from years past. With ConcurDI , you can pull it up immediately and have the answer to your question before leaving the room.


Hiteks provides a digital communication mechanism that operates in the cloud, effectively preventing any chance of a loss of data in the event of a system crash due to inclement weather or other extraordinary circumstances. It’s also entirely cost-effective, as it will save you hours of precious and expensive patient interaction and information processing time. We also have a subsidy program with Payers and Pharma in case the cost to an individual Provider group is too expensive.

Our ConcurDI program is also user-customizable. Everyone may document and operate in his or her own particular way. With our user-friendly software, you will have the ability to configure your device’s settings to your own individual preferences. This way you won’t ever have to worry about adjusting to new habits. Rather, you reserve the ability to follow your own HIM routine. The only difference is that you’ll have your information faster, and it will be higher quality with fewer queries asking for clinical justification or medical necessity clarification.

To check out our page and see our specific packages and prices, click here. There’s practically no down side and tons to gain. Not to mention that in today’s society, especially in the medical field, efficiency is vital. For more information on how to get your hands on the Hiteks’ ConcurDI program, call us today at 212-920-0929, or feel free contact us online anytime.