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Important References

How AI is Instilling Innovation into CDI Programs


Automated CDI Queries with CAPD360 Insight

Epic-Integrated CDI Workflows Powered by HITEKS

Clinical Decision Support through Insight Care Pathways

CAPD in Epic

Physician Resources

Physician reputations are traditionally based on the “3 As”:

  • Ability
  • Availability
  • Affability

In this day of social media we also promote information that can help increase:

  • Awareness (by patients)

Also, in light of high deductible health insurance and especially for elective services not covered by insurance (e.g., plastic surgery), another important factor in supporting good physician and facility reputation is:

  • Affordability

Rich data sources are available here:

The Impact of CAPD to Strengthen ICD-10-CM-Pertinent Documentation & Hospital Quality Rankings

The Impact of HITEKS’ CAPD360TM A.I. Solution to Create Workflow Efficiencies and Increase Health System Revenues

Medicare Fee-For-Service Public Provider Enrollment

Value Modifier


In case you’ve been busy and missed out on one of our newsletters, we’ve compiled every article from November 2016 until the present. Catch yourself up and stay fully informed on all the news regarding the industry’s only immediate, real-time, physician feedback engine implemented as state-of-the-art EHR-integrated solutions we call Insight: Real-Time Revenue Rescue.

White Papers

Here you can learn about precisely what distinguishes our solutions from those of our competitors. With these resources, you can become an expert in configuring the industry’s only immediate, real-time, physician feedback engine. We call these state-of-the-art integrated solutions Insight: Real-Time Revenue Rescue.

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Point Of Care Decision Support

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