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3 Limitations Of Current CDI Efforts

    Traditionally, Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) has had ambitious intentions. But ultimately, it hasn’t met the standard that our patients and physicians deserve. Gigantic voids in patient data documentation and coding practices have left physicians with insufficient information to perform proper care on their patients. It’s also left coders with insufficient information to pass to billing. And finally, this ultimately results in physicians receiving inadequate compensation for their services. The doctors of the United States devote over a decade to learning to do their jobs right. That’s why it’s time that we show our appreciation. Here are the three biggest limitations of the current CDI efforts, and what Hiteks is doing to fix them.


    As of now, the current standard CDI efforts leave physicians and coders with limited resources. They are unable to prioritize the encounters and sections of a patient’s medical chart because organizing resources is a complex and time consuming endeavor. Physicians have had no immediate means of knowing what supplies and resources are available to them at the point of care. Hiteks’ Real-Time CDI software automates that entire process. This way physicians will have all of the necessary resources readily available as soon as they need them.


    A healthcare facility involves a lot of moving parts. With a well oiled machine, everyone would know their role, allowing optimal care and billing practices. Unfortunately, without a central database, workflow always tends to lag. Hiteks’ software takes the streamlining of workflow to new heights. It connects clinicians and their compliance with queries by minimizing the disruption of regular workflow. This way everyone remains on the same page at all times.


    Healthcare professionals learn in their training the importance of thorough documentation. The only problem is that different physicians will often make conflicting analyses and offer conflicting treatments to patients. And this doesn’t just apply to doctors, but to all professionals participating in the treatment of a patient. With poor communication, health professional run the risk of misdiagnosis, improper dosage or administration of medications, and all around poor treatment of patients. Hiteks’ provides the means for all health professionals to communicate through a central platform so that nobody gets left behind on a patient’s status. Enhanced communication also allows all participants to learn from one another, ultimately leading to a more informed, skilled and faster working staff.

    Hiteks has nothing but the best of intentions for healthcare providers. With the help of our software, all members of your facility have greater access to more resources while enjoying streamlined workflow and clearer communication with colleagues. To learn more about how Hiteks is raising the standard for CDI efforts, give us a call at 212-920-0929.