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Why CAPD Solutions for Coding Rules Are A Necessity For Hospitals

    Until recently, a complex and time consuming patient documentation system had forced physicians to either prolong their time spent with patients or rush through the point of care without thoroughly recording their notes. This led to tireless miscommunications in workflow, referrals, and treatment, causing a debilitating number of HIM and insurance claims queries and denials, often resulting in delays or lack of physician compensation. The recent implementation of an expanded ICD-10 coding system has only exacerbated these concerns of thoroughness and accuracy. Moreover, a trend of hospitals employing physicians is shifting the risk to large group purchasers. For these reasons, clinical documentation improvement (CDI) has long required the attention of innovative minds to find new approaches to achieving high compliance with reimbursement requirements and efficiency as the core to revenue cycle improvement.

    Hiteks Solutions Inc., a medical informatics software company specializing in Computer Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) and Quality Care optimization, has released a software solutions suite as part of the Insight: Real-Time Revenue RescueTM platform that is quickly causing this void in our healthcare system’s documentation and Quality Surveillance to become a thing of the past. AdvocateMDTM and CAPD360 InsightTM, which power NoteReader and NoteReader CDI, respectively, are two of the six solutions in Hiteks’ growing suite. They optimize the Health Enterprise Revenue Cycle and provide meaningful suggestions to physicians in real-time at the point of care, enabling medical facilities to streamline workflow and cut the number of physician queries per year to a fraction of what they had been.

    Noteworthy Features Of Hiteks’ CAPD Solutions

    Easy For Physicians To Use

    With the exhaustingly complex documentation system that physicians are legally bound to follow, finding a user-friendly interface for physicians without sacrificing thoroughness and accuracy has become crucial. Other CDI solutions only focus on the CDI Specialist as the primary user and place lesser emphasis on the user experience for physicians. CAPD360 Insight however, is the most intuitive physician-centric CAPD solution available. It is specifically optimized to help physicians focus on key areas within the note that they are writing in real time. It walks physicians through any evidence of inconsistent documentation, discrepancies in coding rules and gaps in medical necessity. All who use it quickly become educated on the latest documentation requirements with only a very brief amount of time spent learning the software’s functions.

    Insightful and Constructive Feedback

    The software’s feedback function collaborates with its users in real-time by suggesting more thorough specificity with regards to history, possible diagnoses and procedure consistency with what was actually performed. All of this occurs as the physician dictates or types the information into the EHR at the point of care.

    Lightning Fast Processing

    Among the more remarkable aspects of Hiteks’ solutions is their sub-second response time per note. Most other companies’ solutions require 10-60 seconds for processing. Waiting ten seconds every time a physician wishes to consult his or her device for information or guidance ultimately defeats the purpose of utilizing a fast-acting software solution. But with Hiteks’ CAPD360 Insight, which employs multi-tenant architecture that enables multiple users to simultaneously leverage the scalability of the platform, wait-time during implantation is virtually non-existent.

    Hiteks’ CAPD360 Insight, powering Epic 2017 and later versions, is the primary CAPD solution for hospitals and medical offices throughout the country. InsightTM tools have been powering Epic NoteReader since 2014 and now power NoteReader CDI in Epic 2017. To learn more about CAPD360 Insight, or any of Hiteks’ other solutions in their Insight: Real-Time Revenue Rescue™ suite, please contact us online via or by phone by calling 212-920-0929. We’d also like to encourage you to schedule an informative demonstration of our product suite, which you can easily do by simply filling out a form with your contact information. Finally, customers who sign up before the end-of-year may be eligible for as much as 50% off their first year’s service or longer depending on the length of their contract. We provide a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee in our services, or your money back!