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The first step in Computer Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) starts with efficient problem list management. Until now, complex and time consuming patient documentation has forced physicians to reduce time in patient care due to the time it takes to document that care.  Some organizations have invested in Medical Scribes which solves some of the efficiency problem.  The next step is implementing a point of care software solution that optimizes documentation and quality care. As the first solution of our Insight Real-time Intelligence platform, AdvocateMD, which powers Epic’s NoteReader optimizes the Health Enterprise Revenue Cycle and provides meaningful suggestions to physicians and their Scribes in real-time at the point of care, enabling medical facilities to streamline workflow and cut the number of physician coding queries per year to a fraction of what they had been.

Hiteks’ CAPD Is Easy For Physicians To Use

With the exhaustingly complex documentation system that physicians are legally bound to follow, finding a user-friendly interface for physicians without sacrificing thoroughness and accuracy has become crucial. Other CDI solutions only focus on the CDI Specialist as the primary user and place lesser emphasis on the user experience for physicians. AdvocateMD (along with its sister solution ConcurDI powering NoteReader CDI), however, are the most intuitive physician-centric CAPD solutions available.  AdvocateMD specifically optimizes the problems specified by physicians using dictation, transcription or typing, to focus on key diagnoses within their Clinical Notes that they are writing in real time. It walks physicians through the modifiers required for ICD-10, educating them on the latest coding rule specificity requirements with an intuitive interface and no learning curve.

Clinical Environment

Inpatient, Ambulatory, Emergency Department, Pediatrics



* A cohort study was performed at Hackensack Meridian Health in 2015 whereby a group of physicians’ queries were measured for a 1-month period before using Hiteks’ AdvocateMD powering Epic NoteReader and again measured for 1-month after implementation. The findings confirmed a significantly reduced 50% of CDI/HIM queries after implementation for the participating physicians.

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