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Cleveland University Hospitals aim to be unified with Epic EHR


    Becker’s Healthcare published on the 30th of December that University hospitals in Cleveland plan to have a unified Epic EHR platform by the end of 2023.

    Words from the CEO

    The University Hospitals CEO Cliff A. Megerian told Becker’s that the health system is working on a complete transition to the Epic EHR, bringing together its hospitals, primary care, specialty physician practices, UH Home Care, and more. 

    By doing this, the goal is to become Northeast Ohio’s most trusted healthcare partner. Consequently, they are investing in a new nervous system for the entire company.  

    HITEKS is familiar with this type of investment, especially in Ohio, where we have clients using our Epic-embedded CAPD360 solution for physician workflows.  HITEKS has also assisted many Epic clients in the past transition from their legacy EHR to Epic.

    What will that transformation mean?

    Through this transformation, they will be able to improve the overall patient and caregiver experience. Improve the ability of patients to access their personal health information, and improve the health analytics of our population.

    The EHR implementation brings together more than 80 work groups, 75 modules, and 400 interfaces. It will take 18,000 build configuration tasks, 140 data conversion extracts, and 11,000 building block decisions to complete the project. Also, University Hospitals has also supported more than 1,000 EHR accreditations for the implementation.

    However, the financial and workforce investment they make with this implementation is just one example of their commitment to patients, caregivers, and the communities they serve.

    What is the advantage for HITEKS Solutions?

    Hospitals entering the world of a comprehensive and complete Epic systems experience provide HITEKS with more opportunities to integrate CAPD360 Insight and Carepaths into their physician workflows. University Hospitals joins over 350 Epic clients in their experience for clinical workflow enhancement tied to efficient revenue cycle management.

    Bottom Line

    By the end of 2023, University hospitals in Cleveland will be using a complete Epic EHR system to unify their processes.  Vendors like HITEKS, can integrate into this new inpatient and ambulatory care system. Providing value to clinicians at the point of care with timely physician workflow CDI notifications.  Significant reductions in queries to the inbox or email are needed.