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Epic launched Connection Hub

    Epic has recently announced an accessible way for developers to connect to Epic software by creating Connection Hub.  Since HITEKS is a development collaborator with Epic since 2013, we thought it would be good to explain how Connection Hub works.

    HITEKS’ new Connection Hub link is here:

    What is Connection Hub?

    Connection Hub is a place that will help all vendors to share the ability to interact with Epic Software. The new site launched on the 9th of January 2023 and allows any vendor with a connection to Epic to list their app and self-report. Furthermore, site visitors, including Epic customers, can see the information provided by the vendor, such as app descriptions and links to websites.

    What is the goal?

    The goal of Connection Hub is to make it easy for all vendors to join the online directory. The new site allows vendors to submit their information and complete an optional form to be on the list. In addition, Epic will also be launching Vendor Services to provide users access to Epic’s newsletters, detailed tutorials, expanded testing sandboxes, and technical support.  These Vendor Services have proven invaluable to implementing HITEKS’ CAPD360 Insight for CDI Queries within physician workflow.

    What is going to happen with the App market?

    The App Market will undergo a revamp and be relaunched later in 2023. Vendors in the App Market will automatically transition to Vendor Services with no issues. And for vendors currently listed with a live connection in the App Market, Epic will provide a simple way to transfer their existing information to Connection Hub.

    Bottom Line

    Connection Hub is open to all vendors to be listed as part of EPIC. Which creates the opportunity to exchange their data within the new site. 

    Even though HITEKS apps (CAPD360 Insight and Carepaths) are listed on the App Market, all of our information will be transitioned to the new site while the App Market site is in renovation until later in 2023. 

    HITEKS has been an Epic collaboration partner since 2013. Due to our proprietary Enterprise-grade NLP and A.I. engine, which has helped thousands of clinicians with point-of-care information for decision-making. Helping healthcare facilities nationwide to manage their clinical workflow, automate documentation and enhance the clinical experience.