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ICD-10 Compliant Hospital Gains Millions

    A hospital in Florida reportedly has successfully managed to reduce its mortality rate by nearly 50%. It made over $70 million in reimbursements within one year’s time. This is all thanks to their compliance with ICD-10. They claimed this has led to a dramatic improvement in the integrity of their medical quality management.

    This was an initiative that integrated workflow-driven software for diagnosis and documentation optimization. As result of this initiative, they have started a revolution in healthcare. The next phase will be additional accuracy and speed in how patients’ clinical statuses are translated into coded data.

    The hospital has reportedly just completed an expansion this month that reaches across eight separate affiliated hospitals. This underscores the speed in which the software is influencing how facilities organize workflow. In time, ICD-10 optimization software will soon become a norm throughout each of its eight affiliates.

    Florida isn’t the only place where ICD-10 improvement software is transforming the medical field. It’s happening all throughout the country. Workflow is becoming more organized and functional in healthcare than ever before. Cerner is also not the only EHR to integrate this technology. Epic has been listening to its clients and working collaboratively with organizations like Hiteks to implement Real-Time Communications to provide Diagnosis and Problem-List Calculators within its documentation process. These Calculators simplify the selection of qualifiers for ICD-10. This clarifies coding and quality functions and decreases clinical complications.

    About Hiteks:

    Hiteks and its Real Time Communications Solutions operate out of New York City and has been open for business since 2011. Hiteks provides the very latest in software architecture and its technology stack combines a state of the art modular design with extensive validation. We support some of the highest quality health care in the world, which is why our facilities only use the very best and latest in technology. Today, the best solution is a Hiteks Real-Time Solution.

    Integrated with Epic, Hiteks offers real-time software to power NoteReader and Quality programs. If Florida is reaping millions, then so will New York. Meanwhile, those who lag behind will miss out, and it will be at the expense of the satisfaction of the workers, the well-being of the patients, and the revenue of the facility. Join the movement and give us a call today at 212-920 0929. Let’s see what we can do for you!