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How To Use Diagnosis Calculators The Right Way

    There have always been issues with the efficiency of communication between coders and physicians. But in 2016, these complications will be a thing of the past. Especially in the field of medicine. With Hiteks’ Real-Time Communication software, health care professionals can now consolidate all of those tedious hours. No more wasting times translating doctor’s notes to codes.

    This will not only allow physicians to devote more attention on patients in the short period of time they have with them. It will also increase revenue by allowing physicians to focus on the most pertinent information. Software that’s integrated into the EHR can now streamline the physician’s needs. Coders can now fully document pertinent complications at the point of patient care.

    We’re not quite at the point where humans don’t have to do anything at all. There still remains a certain responsibility to our dear physicians, coders, and health care professionals. Even with modern technology, medical facilities run best when informed, competent, motivated and detail oriented individuals are in control. Here’s what it takes, on the parts of clinicians and coders in order for this Real-Time Communication software to work best.

    Payer Understanding:

    All professionals involved in using the technology should understand the requirements of the provider documentation. That includes sections like Patient History, Physical Exams, Assessments, and Terminology.

    Patient Details:

    Severity of illness, complexity and nature of projected treatment and care, and the mortality risk of said care, should all be very well documented. While the software makes it easier to record information, thorough attention to detail should still be priority.

    Software Training:

    Hiteks’ Real-Time Communication is customizable and remarkably easy to use. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is a new technology. That means training and management reinforcement is necessary to ensure that it’s used properly. The goal is to improve the correspondence between health professionals. Not hurt it.

    In general, you want Hiteks Real-Time Communications software to make things work more smoothly. That means all parties involved still need to play their part to keep the ball rolling. With the right resources combined with the right technology, the world can be a safer place. Here’s to the future. Give Hiteks a call today at 212-920 0929.