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We Can No Longer Ignore The Severity Of Sepsis

    With gruelingly bad news from around the world saturating your a Facebook newsfeed saturated, it’s easy to lose sight of the issues in front of you. We grow outraged over wars halfway across the planet while forgetting about the sick people we have living in our own neighborhoods. Many do not realize that over a million people living within the United States are hospitalized every year due to sepsis. This happens despite the fact that the U.S. enjoys one of, if not the best quality healthcare in the world. Of those million unique annual hospitalizations, half of the people who suffer from sepsis do not survive. Additionally, sepsis is known to cause additional complications to the body, such as lung infections and respiratory distress, which also can result in hospitalization and possibly death.

    We Can No Longer Ignore The Severity Of Sepsis

    The mortality rate is far too high for the people of the United States to ignore this any longer. It’s time we step up to the plate and find a way to keep people safe from the rapid onset of sepsis and septic shock. The first step is to improve our monitoring of patients. We have a moral responsibility to get these people the proper immediate attention in cases of emergency. Patients should have the comfort of knowing that they are in good hands if they reach a healthcare facility. They should know that no matter what happens, that the doctors and nurses of their hospital will know immediately whenever there is any change in status.

    It just so happens that the technology to make this possible already exists and is 100% available. There’s no waiting for the technology to arrive because it’s already here. Hiteks’ Real Time Solutions include the best sepsis surveillance software on the market. With our technologies, you will be able to respond to sepsis with greater immediacy than ever before. By choosing Hiteks, patients can feel safe and can look forward to recovery. Give your patients the confidence in your services that they deserve to have.

    Hiteks also offer case mix index optimization, real-time medical scribe software, a medical diagnosis calculator, and much more, all of which is within ICD-10 compliance. The Hiteks missions is to make hospitals become more well oiled and smoother running machines than ever before. One step in making that mission a reality is making sure hospitals have the resources to monitor patients at risk of sepsis all the way down to the second.

    To learn all about Hiteks’ sepsis surveillance solutions, along with the rest of their clinical documentation improvement software and to find the package that works best for you, give us a call now at 212-920-0929. Or, if you prefer, please contact us online and we will reply with all a thorough response as soon as possible.