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Why CMI Software Raises Revenue For Hospitals

    The Importance Of Thorough Documentation In Healthcare

    The proof is here and healthcare facilities cannot afford to ignore it any longer. The business end of medicine is a factor that hospitals have a responsibility to address. If they don’t pay close attention to the cost of care, they could do miss out on essential aspects of billing. If a physician performs quality care, he or she has the right to compensation. But the only way to ensure that one is fully compensated for the services performed is if she or he is sufficiently thorough with clinical documentation practices. In today’s interconnected society, the best means of doing so is with case mix index optimization technology.

    The Purpose Of CMI

    The purpose of the case mix index (CMI) is to maximize reimbursement for each step of doctor to patient care. Clinical documentation improvement software provides physicians with the resources they need to never miss a step. With modern technology, doctors can directly show the nature of the care that they perform. This allows them to seek the proper returns that they deserve for performing care.

    The Speed Of Our CMI Software

    With the immediacy of CMI optimization software, doctors visualize the nature and severity of cases more effectively at the point of care. Equally important are the documentation specialists who can now analyze the doctors’ notes immediately after they recorded them. They can also now determine codes for doctors’ notes and assign them to fees at the point of care.

    Documentation specialists can also determine whether any information is missing or poorly recorded. They can address the issue as soon as it arises. In the past, by the time a specialist would find any mistakes or omitted billing information, so much time would have already past that recovering would be painstakingly slow. Too many times have they not been able to even recover all information, which weighs heavily not only on the individual healthcare professionals involved, but also on the revenue of the facility as a whole.

    Are you a healthcare professional? Do you have concerns over the way your place of work handled documentation and billing? Are you concerned about the state of your facility’s revenue? The future is bright and it’s finally here. The answer to your problems is Hitek’s Real Time Solutions. For more information on our unbeatable case mix index optimization software, give us a call ASAP at 212-920-0929.