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About Us

HITEKS is a clinical informatics organization created by physicians and medical informatics professionals in 2011.  HITEKS is dedicated to bringing the most advanced technology and people to assist healthcare professionals at the point of care and provide proactive workflow assistance to Physician Workflow (CDI), CAPD (Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation) and CDS (Clinical Decision Support) experts during the most important portion of the Healthcare Revenue Cycle. 

HITEKS has created a powerful methodology to improve health care provider reputation by focusing on each individual physician’s ability to document appropriate quality (e.g. Elixhauser chronic conditions, HCC) and reimbursement-related (CC/MCC/DRG models) conditions.

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The focus of HITEKS is to empower healthcare professionals and organizations to make decisions to improve the quality of care and ensure justification of inpatient and ambulatory revenues.  HITEKS accomplishes this with wide range of proprietary products integrated into the Healthcare Revenue Cycle & services.

From its inception in 2011, HITEKS was founded to support the global healthcare push for HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health), and has worked tirelessly and invested millions of dollars in R&D to provide healthcare professionals with timely information and relevant analytics to help manage and navigate through abundance of healthcare information, increase ROI, and suggest the best possible evidence-based care and documentation for patients.
HITEKS is a recognized leader in Computer Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) through digital clinical workflow solutions that support improved Physician Workflow with documented financial ROI and clinician satisfaction, since 2011.​