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How Hiteks Will Change The Healthcare Industry As We Know It

    There is a reason why the government began to mandate the use of EHR software in hospitals and other healthcare facilities nationwide. The reason is that digital technology an unquestionably more efficient and effective means of operating any business. That’s especially so for businesses within the healthcare industry. The industries that manage to take full advantage of new technologies gain the potential to become a well-oiled machine. That is, provided it has the right software and prepares its workforce to use it effectively.

    Coding Is Crucial Due To Complex Health Insurance Policies

    In a nation where insurance policies can be gruelingly complex, documentation is key. Now that EHRs are the mainstay, efficiency and accuracy is much higher. Physicians can now document patient conditions for quality and Case Mix (inpatient) and HCC Scoring (ambulatory) faster and more effectively. By entering the data into a system that automatically reconciles between different parts of the chart, coders can draw from well organized patient billing information. This will maximize revenue for the facility as a whole.

    What Hiteks’ Software Algorithm Do

    Hiteks’ Real-Time Communications software is not just used to improve revenue. It also allows physicians and nurses to be more attentive to their patients. Hiteks offers VigilantQA for Sepsis Surveillance with state of the art proprietary algorithms. Our technology can also plug in existing algorithms from the providers. The algorithms recognize complex medical data combinations and thresholds for multiple clinical specialties. That includes infections disease, heart disease, and nephrology. Now you won’t have to lose valuable patient care time to synthesize data. With our software, you’ll be able to rely on our engine to identify patient conditions that require attention.

    Our Technology Organizes Everything For You

    With Hiteks’ front end solution, AdvocateMD (powering Epic NoteReader and related modules), you can streamline the process of coding diseases and diagnoses. Every year hospitals lose months to deciphering, transcribing and translating masses of patient information into data codes. Coders constantly have to seek out physicians or nurse practitioners to ask clarification on notes. This slows the billing process and gets in the way of patient care. That burden will no longer exist, thanks to Hiteks. Our technology will automatically organize everything.

    Hiteks’ Real-Time Communications Solutions are vendor neutral and are currently integrated with Epic and Meditech EHR Systems. We operate out of New York City and are open for business. To learn more about our AdvocateMD or VigilantQA programs, contact us on our contact page or call us at 212-920-0929 for additional information.