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Executive Summary of HITEKS’ CAPD360TM A.I. Physician Engagement and Reputation Solution

HITEKS has pioneered the health care industry’s most advanced and proactive physician engagement platform through computer-assisted physician documentation (CAPD) automation and EHR notifications available for inpatient and outpatient settings. 

As the only truly automated and not “over-prompting” solution available in Epic’s AppOrchard, HITEKS’ CAPD360 solution is embedded WITHIN the EHR.  HITEKS combines the power of real-time, automated queries Epic’s Inpatient NoteReader CDI and Ambulatory HCC Pre-visit workflow with non-intrusive queries and advice attached to the visit notes and problem list.  All functions are done within Epic, streamlining user interactions, credentialing, training and implementation.

Queries are presented directly to providers while they are writing and reviewing clinical notes.  

Queries are simultaneously sent to administrative functions like CDI, Utilization and Quality Review to prioritize and delivering queries to providers via Epic’s Special NoteReader Screens next to the visit note.   This results in:

  • Better physician engagement, adoption and satisfaction: +321% response rate increase
  • More timely, compliant, accurate and complete documentation: response time decrease of 6 days
  • Efficient CDI team function: 100% case review with 20% less specialist time
  • Justified, fully documented CC and MCC documentation: 3% revenue increase
  • Improved quality scores and reputation integrity in all risk models (MS-DRG, APR-DRG, HCC, MIPS, Elixhauser)

Give providers what they need, when they need it

Clinical automation needs to continuously learn from its users, and accommodate existing workflow, not change it.  HITEKS’ proactive system works for providers and learns from providers to reduce rejection of  suggestions and reinforce behaviors which increase compliance and timing of responses.   Founded by physicians, HITEKS has developed evidence-based and proprietary algorithms and analysis techniques for over 110 conditions/diagnoses resulting in greater than 90% acceptance by providers.  Since most queries can be presented to the provider at the point of care when patient facts are still top of mind, HITEKS helps improve documentation accuracy in a manner far less disruptive for clinicians than receiving queries via email and non-integrated workflows days to weeks later.


Ensure coding compliance and quickly react to changes

All HITEKS queries and advice meet strict AHIMA/ACDIS and medical society (i.e. AHA/ACC) compliance requirements reducing the likelihood of payer denials or delays.  HITEKS offers a customized approach for each client so query logic can easily be modified without IT support or software modifications.


Keep everything in the EHR

Improve the effectiveness of one of your largest investments instead of exposing the organization to security risks, costly IT support of third-party applications and workflow interruption by doing things outside of Epic.  HITEKS’ CAPD360 is the ONLY CDI solution to have completed Epic’s rigorous certification process including security, data integrity and compatibility validation required to be an approved application in Epic’s AppOrchard.  Embedding CDI automation within Epic improves user satisfaction and efficiency, speeds implementation and reduces the burden on scarce IT resources.


Support the CDI team with automation

CDI specialists, Risk Coders, Utilization Reviewers and Quality Improvement are resources with unique clinical and analytics skills.  Many organizations struggle to find and retain these valuable team members.  Automation simplifies identifying and prioritizing coding optimization opportunities alleviating the time-consuming task of manually reviewing thousands of clinical notes every week.  HITEKS empowers these teams to focus on more complicated, nuanced queries and advice that a computer cannot perform, increasing the overall impact of their functions.