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The most advanced, proactive physician engagement and reputation solution.

Embedded within the Epic EMR and available on App Orchard.

Proactive Physician and Patient Engagement to Strengthen Provider Reputation

About Us

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HITEKS is a clinical informatics organization created by physicians and medical informatics professionals in 2011. HITEKS is dedicated to bringing the most advanced technology and people to assist healthcare professionals at the point of care and provide proactive in physician workflow assistance, CAPD (Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation) and CDS (Clinical Decision Support) experts during the most important portion of the Healthcare Revenue Cycle. HITEKS has created a powerful methodology to improve health care provider reputation by focusing on each individual physician’s ability to document appropriate quality (e.g. Elixhauser chronic conditions, HCC) and reimbursement-related (CC/MCC/DRG models) conditions.

What’s Inside CAPD360 Insight

Our latest tools help physicians with their education, enhancing their documentation’s once they receive a real-time query:

• Provides the thoroughness needed through complete evidence.
• Creates rapport through workflow-based, instructive queries.
• Monitors the process for success through effective tracking and ROI measurement.


Our solutions are created to support proactive documentation and decision-making by physicians. The physician is our customer.

• All of HITEKS’ products are integrated into the Epic EHR “front end” user interface and leverage special interfaces which allow for immediate data processing and feedback to the provider at the point of care.



EHR Vehicle of Communication

Simplified workflows that don’t require physicians to change their behavior.

Education & Training

Provide dashboards for provider-specific and query-specific reporting.

Maintain Payer Requirements

Enhance physician engagement with advanced, Epic-integrated decision support and CAPD impacting inpatient and outpatient facility and enterprise effectiveness with revenue and quality integrity in all risk models. (MS-DRG, APR-DRG, HCCs, MIPS, Elixhauser).


Positively reinforce physician workflow and enhance physician education through clearly designed queries.

High Performance

Proactively reach the physician prior to the signing of their notes.


Tailored client solutions without software code changes.

Find Out How and Why

Live the Insight Provider Engagement experience and discover revenue gains, reputation improvement and higher clinician satisfaction.

Physician compliance in documentation is key in appropriate capture of HCC and Risk Adjustment Scoring along with traditional CC/MCC diagnoses.

HITEKS’ Real-Time, automated technologies are available to increase physician workflow.

Physicians now have the tools integrated into the EHR to efficiently improve both ambulatory and inpatient reimbursement and quality scores.

Insight Provider Engagement supports large and small healthcare systems in the U.S. and internationally. We also service the Life Sciences market with digital health tools that integrate into clinical workflows and enable brands to optimally engage with providers.

Contact us

Contact us for information about our products and services.

For those who schedule a demo, we also offer a free evaluation of our CAPD360 product and decision support to promote data-driven best practices in the industry.

447 Broadway, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10013 525 Junction Road, Suite 6500, Madison, Wisconsin 53717

Phone: +1 (212) 920 – 0929

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